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Tuesday, August 30, 2005Y

i wonder how do i enlarge the font.. cause i wanna shout it out.. I HATE MATH!!!! HATEHATEHATE MATH!!!! feeling kinda sleepy now.. slept at ard 4am for the past 2 days.. arghhhhh.. -.- so damn tired.. today math paper.. was HORRIBLE!! plain horrible.. so difficult!!! like if any1 say easy i gonna go knock them on their heads.. but maybe there's clever ppl ard always.. ok decided!! will bring the paper on sat to let ym solve.. if she got prob den prove that the paper is SUPER DIFFICULT!!! hehes

okay.. maybe i should start studying now for math.. gear up for paper 2.. den maybe can balance my absmal marks which i'm certain i will obtain for this paper.. i like only now how to do 2 out of 15 qns from the paper.. 2!!! n only 1 is more certain i can get correct 1.. hais.. forget it.. no point crying over spilt milk.. haha..

eyes so tired now.. hais.. luckily tml no need go sch.. den maybe can slp later.. den must study for chem.. paper 1.. hais.. think i'm dying of fatigue le la.. headache n tired eyes.. like got a feeling of overstraining of my brain.. i think.. i think too hard today.. for bio n math.. really la.. v long nv use brain le.. memorising also not so tiring.. brain drain.. feeling hot.. hope i not turning feverish.. sians..

hmmm today huijun din come to sch again.. she missed block test the last time due to some thyroid problem.. think the same as pot's illness.. but dunno lehs.. her illness seem so much more serious den pot.. always like miss sch.. hope she ok.. haven msg her yet.. cos yinghui called her today n her hp not on.. hmmmm.. hey pot u must take care also hors.. wahahhaas but u like nv miss lessons b4 cos of that illness lehs.. so u must be healthier or stronger.. haa..

prelims sux.. and there's the irritating A's.. so pray all these get over real soon.. den can go have fun.. so many things i want to do.. so must kampateh for the moment.. yupps yupps.. everybody also.. haha.. think abt all the fun stuff we can do after A's.. n only me have to endure till the 24th.. most ppl ended much earlier.. so if i still can be happy.. y not u? wahahahha.. i talking who here huh? :P

-the things we do now will have consequences in the future.. great power comes with great responsibility.. don't have any regrets in ur life.. jia you wors..-

heart blue w/ glitter 8:31 PM

Monday, August 22, 2005Y

depression setting in.. inuyasha's ended!!! season 2 ended last week.. so secretively that i din notice at all!!! wad la!! 1stly.. they nv tell us.. nv advertise the new show.. stupid arts central.. 2ndly no epi no... den how'd us inuyasha fans noe??!! wan us go online n find out every single title huh??!! imagine how'd those die-hard inuyasha fans do when they tune in this wed n saw wad??!!! no inuyasha!????!!! stupiddddddddd..

bleahs.. wads more.. shaman king ending this week too.. sobsobs.. but at least it ended cos tat's its last epi.. inuyasha still got 167-52=111 epis to go lor!!! -.- hmmmm went to find out the new series taking over inuyasha's slot.. called peacemaker.. here's a summary:
Tetsunosuke Ichimura has always been upset about his short stature. After he sees his parents being murdered by a Choushuu assassin right in front of him, he vows with all his heart to become strong enough to take revenge on their killer. It is now 1864, the first year of Genji. Tetsunosuke, now 15, heads to the headquarters of the Shinsengumi with his older brother Tatsunosuke, looking to join the historical group to fulfill his dreams of getting stronger. experience by doing so, for in order to join this army, one must forego his humanity and become a demon.

hmmmm sounds interesting? hais.. i would miss inuyasha though.. ALOT!! hahas.. but after A's maybe can watch.. hehe..

of cos there's other stuff adding on to my depression.. like the prelims next week! hmmmm haven started studying yet.. needa to mug later.. hafta sort out everyth.. and there's the cip list which i must go complie + find all the certs.. bleahs.. dunno where i put them le.. arghhhhhhh everyth's driving me crazy.. n there's the senseless amt of hw i still haven touch.. and gng sch is a complete waste of time to me.. if i haven known i'd do nth at home at all even if i stayed at home.. den i won't go to sch.. so ya.. basically i go to sch for nth.. ya.. so sians..

and hors.. junyang's out le!!! so sad.. yupps yupps.. this is old news.. but i haven got chance to update.. so ya.. i'm so sadd.. but think music forest will sign him bahh.. hope so.. dun go sign mediacrop hor.. =.=

i still haven burn out all my naruto.. but kinda feeling stupid now.. y? everybody's saying the animation of naruto'd dropped.. in the 100+++ epis.. dunno them la.. maybe i cock eye cannot see.. basically wun notice such stuff.. i mean.. maybe i'm engrossed in the storyline wads.. wahahha!! no la.. v stupid.. all my epis in rmvb format except from epi 120 onwards i think.. so sad.. no dvd burner lor.. or else can dl the avi format can see the animations better wads.. alamak.. i'm like whinning abt such irrelevant stuff la.. sians..

my DP last week has been talking abt.. blogging.. seems like a grp of girls said some super bad things in their blog n got found out.. wonder how they find.. i tried finding my blog using google but like cannot.. hope it's really hidden.. or else i die.. dunno if i got say any bad things abt any1 anots.. sians la.. u noe they say rite.. everyth u published on the net or whereever where the public can view rite.. den it's not private le.. so if u say some bad stuff abt some1 n got found out.. u could be sued for slander or wadsoever.. but if u write in forums n all that den are ur views considered under anonymos den? wad's all their deal? wad we can have the freedom of speech but must speak the truth.. i don't get.. adults and their difinition of things.. always twist it till it suit their favour..

i know it's bad talking abt somebody behind their back.. esp if they're in high authorities of power.. ok wadever.. but if u did it in a moment of anger.. it's not like u'd harm that person or wad rite.. like some other ppl would specifically go search for ur blog n see the things u said n start to think bad of the person u were talking abt.. i mean.. it's ur own personal opinions.. ppl can agree or disagree wad.. it's up to them lor.. but dunno la.. if u really purposely go ruin their image or wad den cannot la.. hmmmm as humans we need to at least kind of civilised wad.. bleahs.. am i writing for GP?? haha.. yucks den!!! (=

ok la.. gotta go study le.. 1 more week to prelims.. or say.. less than a week!!! sians.. jia you every1!!! we can do it together!!! (=

-the things u wanted most are usually the ones which are the hardest to get-

heart blue w/ glitter 6:51 PM

Sunday, August 14, 2005Y
the slackers' club..

ok.. i officially proclaim myself as the president of "the slackers' club".. anyone joining?? -.- gosh.. really la.. i shouda been studying or doing hw at least.. but i'm still here.. so ya.. gotta ban myself from using the comp for a week! hmmmm at least till next fri la.. hahaha..

tians batheing now.. n i cant bathe.. but once she's out i'm quiting.. so ya.. this entry may be a short 1.. like my previous crappy 1s.. arghhhhh..

just went batheing.. hmmmm so bored.. think i gonna change my blogskin.. haha.. just went blogskins.com n there's so many nicenice 1s.. found 8 which i like alot.. n saved them.. well i guess i could change blogskin once a month n 8 months later den search for new 1s.. wahaha.. i so lazy.. -.- so ya.. when i batheing i decided which 1 too put alr.. maybe later got time den go change bahhs..

found out i got lots of stuff to do besides hw.. like testimonials which i alr overdue for like a week le.. den the cip records thingy.. den tml got chem test on organic n nmr.. so die la..

jj n i decided to stay back everyday in sch to do hw n revise.. cos we cant study at home.. so guess no more gng home early for me alr.. haha.. but it's ok.. can be more productive this way.. (= but so sians.. i cant stand doing math.. it's too boring for me.. cos i dunno how to do alot of qns.. even doing with ym doesn't help.. how ar? boring.. n chem is of cos my no. 1 hated lesson.. ok maybe a tie with GP..

i'm sad.. maybe i'm sensitive or wad.. but y everybody like dun like to talk to me so much.. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. suan le.. next time dun ask u anyth le lor.. hmmmpt i shouldn't care abt other ppl.. i have my own life among billions of ppl in this world.. gosh.. wad am i talking abt? guess i'm too preoccupied with thoughts..

i daydream more than ever nowadays.. there's so many things which i crave for but somehow escape my grasp.. i should continue to work hard for my dreams or just let go? hmmmm

found this in a forum.. they should work though i haven tried them.. (=
Yi Wang Guo Qu
Ta yi ding hen ai ni
Mo ri zhi nian n di er tian tang
Liu shui nian hua
Jie Kou
Jiang Nan
all these by junyang.. think he's m1 this time.. think only horrs.. cant wait to see his show..

-"hard work can beat geniuses, when geniuses don't work hard" quote from rock lee in naruto.. gosh he's wise.. haha-

heart blue w/ glitter 5:04 PM

Saturday, August 13, 2005Y

today went studying with ym they all again.. but din do much.. been slacking.. i mean.. the math.. it was too boring for me to concentrate on.. lols..

found a couple of manga dl sites.. got lots of mangas.. hmmmm but i'm too busy to read them.. so ya.. saved them in favourites le.. after A's maybe can go dl.. haha.. but i'm more of an otaku.. which means.. anime-lover.. i think manga lovers are called.. mangaka.. weird.. otaku sounds nicer.. lols.. hmmm i think i gng to watch tv now.. want to write more things but.. i wanna watch the show!! haha.. tml den cont.. that's if i got time.. grrr alot of hw..

-to be continued-

heart blue w/ glitter 10:29 PM

Friday, August 12, 2005Y
boring day.. or say.. days?

bored.. thought of many things to write last time.. but now cant recall le.. hmmm so sians..

hais.. alot of hw lehs.. n i now still slacking here.. bleahs.. n my comp dunno for wad reasons so laggy.. -.- 1 page takes yrs to load.. n have been trying to dl songs for the past like more den an hr den cant.. ARGHHHHHH.. cos like dl halfway den stop.. so sians la..

-i love joining fanclubs at naruto forums! haha..-

heart blue w/ glitter 9:01 PM

Wednesday, August 10, 2005Y

vote for hong junyang M2.. 1900 112 1002 or sms M2 to 78277.. he rocks my world n steals my breath away.. jiayou k? (=

aiyaa.. gotta go do hw le.. later got to watch super star.. hahas.. prelims coming!! gotta keep reminding myself.. gees.. (=

i love the song "si xing bu gai" by twins n i dunno hoo.. BoyZ their name is? aiyaa dun care.. the song damn nice.. haha.. (=






haha.. (= mayday going have concert this dec.. me n tians yue1 hao3 to go le.. yay!! cant wait to go.. haha..

sians i still got aq n essay to do!!! jj fin aq le!!! omgg tml got phy test.. so stupid.. nvm.. d=

-listen to the music.. feel with ur heart.. most importantly.. do well for the A's!! omgg-

heart blue w/ glitter 5:22 PM

Monday, August 08, 2005Y

i wanna sign in msn but my bro signed in alr.. i wanna sign out his but.. aiya he talking with his fren.. arghhhhh..

anyways i signed in le.. not much ppl online lehs.. maybe every1 go out on halfdays? or they alr mugging le?? )= i dl-ed junyang's liu shui nian hua le!!!! sooooooooo SUPER NICCCCEE!! omggg.. love this song.. oldies ya.. but he sing till so nice lor.. will only love his version though.. wahhaha..

today we celebrate national day.. so fun nors.. amazing race lehs!! woah fun lehs!! *dripping with sacasm** lols.. actually not so bad la.. except only ard half the class turned up for the day n we were actually quite united in the 'game'? it's only for the coffee bean coupons!! cos they said the prize was that.. we ended in 7th place.. not bad actually.. but still.. din get the prize..

whoops!! today is national day eve.. halfday!! tml is national day.. yayyayYAY!! n it's a holiday!!!!!! THREE CHEERS! n the day after that is also a holiday.. YIPPPPPEEEEEE!! HIPHIPHOORAY!!! *pops a champange* *did a dance for singapore's 40th birthday* wahahhaa i'm gladest cos i dun need to go to sch.. yay!

hmmm but needa study of cos.. prelims 19 days away!!! hmmmmmm i shouldn't countdown but witht that stupid tv msging thingy i couldn't help but noe.. haisss.. been exploring deviantart just now.. looking for pretty naruto pics.. found quite some fma's too.. n naruto pics are kinda hard to find.. i mean.. the search function's down n some of the style the artists draw i dun quite like.. hais how i wish i draw like them.. but t'was impossible of cos.. -.-

i was at this particular artist's page.. he draws beautiful lee n gaara's pic.. fantastic!!! i love lee alot alr.. looking at those kawaii pics made me love him more.. n gaara.. i like him well enough.. but he didn't raise to the ranks of my beloved anime characters till i saw those pics.. they're that nicee.. so kawaii that u cant help but loove them.. in the end.. end up luving those char.. wahahaha n seriously considering to switching naruto from my most fav char to my 2nd most fav.. as in switch place with lee who's now my 2nd most fav char.. wahahaha only considering la.. noe i'd always love naruto though cant find sweet chibi pics of him.. geees

hmmm i'd post the pics here.. but i dun wanna get caught by those ppl saying i stole their pics ya noe? haa.. so only save them for my own personal admiration.. but really.. love the gaara n lee's 1s alot.. (= am so bored.. nth to do online also.. really la.. which is why super not worth it to spend my time here.. doing crappy stuff like blogging or going naruto forums or finding fanart.. hahaha.. yupps yupps.. =P

wad's that quote our DP said the other day ar? quite meaningful 1 i noe.. hmmmm something like this: when you don't see the stars on the skies it doesn't mean they aren't there, they were just covered by clouds.. or something like tat la.. hmmmmmm so ya.. fellow A lvl's sufferers.. wait till the clouds clear n u can see the stars shinning on u once more.. let's get thru the exams in high spirits.. n start studying now!! *shouts at myself to butt from the chair* gees

my buttock ache from sitting in front of comp too long.. think i gonna go adjust my alarm clock to wake me like 9 in the morn tml.. den can start work le.. today no mood to do anyth la.. hahaha! abit sore throat.. grrr cant get sick now.. tons of work to do.. hehehes.. dunno why.. today i'm in such a good mood.. though no1 on msn's talking to me now.. wahahha must be the holiday mood getting into me.. (=

edit:really love liu shui nian hua by junyang.. awww my superstar.. gees.. n j-pop rocks!!!

-i love the feeling when being with you.. my best friend-

heart blue w/ glitter 4:07 PM

Thursday, August 04, 2005Y

my dad chased me away from the comp b4 i was able to complete the entry.. closed down the whole thing.. so have to re-write.. >.< nvm.. i was v crappy anyways.. hmmmm today assembly got a presentation abt blogging.. wasn't listening qiute carefully.. but think they were trying to tell us not to write deflaming stuff in blogs.. hmmmm which means i've got to be careful.. lols budden everyth i write so crappish so nvm also la..

hmmmm mom cooking.. smell so nice.. haha.. wanna burn cd.. naruto.. lols.. haven burn fin.. hmmmm like abit wasted lehs.. my naruto all in rmvb format.. except the latest epis.. so the quality not so good la.. budden.. dun care la.. just wanna burn everyth out so can free up some space.. den hor.. hehhehheh.. go dl more stuff.. lols..

sians la.. alot of hw today.. actually is cos i too lazy.. everyth leave till last min.. den hors tml must hand in gp.. an aq qn.. so stupid.. she made us do 1 aq qn every week.. so sians.. den need do math.. cos she was scolding us.. on mon when she saw many ppl nv do.. hmmm i keep using "she".. so if any1 sees this.. they cant say i'm talking someth bad abt them.. wahahhahaa clever ehs?

so happy.. next week got holiday.. love national day.. cos of the holidays.. lols.. but thurs got phy test.. got to study.. at least got to skip lessons those 3 days.. no chem tut!!! happy!!! dun need to see her.. wahaha.. but of cos will have lots of hw la.. den need prepare for prelims la!! 24 days away!! as the tv messaging keep counting down for us..

i love anime songs!! yay yay!! haaa..

-the way u speak.. like u don't ever care..-

heart blue w/ glitter 4:56 PM

Wednesday, August 03, 2005Y

terrible weather.. sometimes it's very hot.. sometimes it just rains non-stop.. horrible!! think my skin gonna die in such fluctuating weather.. bleahs.. anyways.. think i'd gotten the wad.. "pizza syndrome"? real thirsty everyday + throat feels weird weird.. i think cos i ate too much pizza.. cos bigky brought back piaaza for 2 days le.. den very nice to eat.. new flavours somemore.. as in not yet sold in shops.. ;) think eat too much become heaty.. haha!

today got math test.. think i flunked.. again.. din study much n cant rmb how to solve at the very end.. sad isn't it? hais.. really need to brush up on my math..

so sians.. gotta go do phy hw la.. though the chap haven teach fin.. n i fell aslp during lect.. lols.. so must go read also.. + superstar start le n i wanna watch!! lols..

edit: omg.. i couldn't stand jason.. he sing so yucky!!! *vomit**vomit*

-feel the beat.. dance-

heart blue w/ glitter 8:06 PM