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Tuesday, December 30, 2008Y

i always fantasize about things.. things which may not happen or will nv happen.. hahas since my life is alr like this.. it's good to let ur imagination bring u to another place.. hahas.. dunno.. kind of unrealistic.. but in truth i do think of myself as a rather realistic person(though maybe too idealistic).. hahas..

watched twilight yest.. i liked it.. nice nice.. i took my sis's book to read abit.. cos she left the half-fin 2nd book on the table(which i turned to the end to read.. hahas as usual =P) i think the narration of the story is quite different.. i mean from the normal books that i read.. it's sort of like a diary that bella(main female char) wrote.. which describes every single thing she does.. like:"i turned ard and then he look at me and then i stared at his eyes and i whispered..." i feel tired for the author.. hahas.. imagine i write on my blog what i do everyday in every detail.. hahas.. quite.. different la.. but i think the story is still nice..

usually books even when it's written in first person perspective.. it will usually be more of thoughts.. i think so la.. but think twilight alot of description of what she sees ard her.. hahas.. ok.. i shall update again once i read the book.. many books to read!! (=

shall read the book after i wrapped it.. she's afraid i spoil er book due to my sweaty palm.. hello.. i'm more protective of books that are bought than those i borrowed from lib(not that i will be v rough to them la haha)..

going to watch bolt later.. n hopefully tml will watch ip man(more interested in it than Australia) hahas.. but either way i anyth..

busy last week b4 work starts(IA).. many things to complete.. desk to be cleared.. things to be thrown.. shows to watch.. clothes to buy.. shoes!!!

ok need go back to pack my table.. was half-packed(actually like 20% packed)..

- chiong ah! -

heart blue w/ glitter 3:52 PM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008Y
yay!! i got my badminton racket

as a xmas prez from kq.. thanks!!

but main point of this post.. yay!! i got my IA organisation!! hahas.. yay!! no more worrying alr.. phew~ i got it without gng interview.. though they asked me to call the person but i call many times she nv pick up so i just email her.. hope she sees n reply.. why i always have the worse luck.. keep ending up need to wait n wait.. lol

the other day my sis asked my mom wad xmas prez she wants.. b4 she replied i was guessing 'money'.. but she said she only wants us to help her clean up the house.. sometimes i think i really 小看 my mom.. hahas.. ok so i'm gng to vacuum n mop the floor later.. plus pack the house abit.. too messy.. less than two weeks of hols left n my table still a mess..

ok gotta go work alr.. update another time..

happy early xmas everyone!! (=

- merry-go-happy-go-lucky.. lala -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:53 AM

Tuesday, December 09, 2008Y

i was really happy today.. met up with sec sch friends and had alot of fun.. so long din have such a long talk n such.. but!!! come back home den..... i dunno if she knows her attitude towards ppl(family members or just her siblings) is like that.. but the way she talk her tone.. is really very very rude.. think it is funny or wad to talk like that ar.. hate it lo.. SPOILT MY MOOD!! ... ok maybe from my viewpoint only la.. dunno.. why why why?!??!?!?!

hmmm recently thought of some things.. like 人生无常.. ppl ard u or maybe u urself can just leave the world like that.. sometimes even without any last words.. so think it's good to leave something behind just in case.. dunno.. is think like this pessimistic.. but really no one can predict the future.. so i guess live life to the fullest is the best thing to do..

and.. if i don't ever get to say these things out of my own mouth.. i want everyone who know me n care for me.. my family and friends to know that.. i'm really glad to have known everyone.. for the good and bad times spent tgt.. all things past and even forgotten(my bad mem).. n good times will stay in my heart(even if i don't rmb).. hahas

oh n smth i have to say.. i feel that.. a dairy/blog.. only records down the feelings of the author at that particular moment.. so one maybe feel really hurt/angry/wadever and write someth that uses v strong/wrong words it does not mean that he/she would not change their mind after calming down or some words are just left unsaid.. so... is a blog a true reflection of a person's character? needs to be proven!!~ hahahas

oh ya recently i just got my hair cut.. i call it my 方便头.. cos just use the comb n comb a few strokes can liao.. or can even dun comb.. good good.. though.. i think i still miss my long hair.. hahas..

n i really need to get a badminton racket.. if not very not 方便(pun not intended)lol! hahas

btw i'm lookinf forward to going overseas!! hehehe.. maybe diff grps of friends can go diff places.. haha but must save $$$$$$$$$

- truth or lie? -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:12 PM

Monday, December 01, 2008Y

yay!! exams over!! happy happy.. b4 it was over.. i was terribly worried abt my results.. but now i feel super relaxed.. heck care ah!! hehehe XD

this hols need to relax more.. next sem onwards.. have to work alr.. no good!! quite scared.. tml will know results.. but oddly enough.. though now it's 12+am which means 1st dec alr stick not out.. tot they'll ul at 12am(well for results usually like that).. hahas guess cao stick to office timing.. =X

soooooooooo many things i wanna do.. too many that i keep forgetting.. hahas need to keep a note.. lol

- need shopping for more clothes! -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:00 AM