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Wednesday, February 20, 2008Y
i love my friends!! (=

yeps yeps.. (=

today eating poiful provided by huiqi-san.. den got this heart-shaped one.. so cute! (=

my lil heart
loves <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"
saw this on ym's sis's pencil case.. so cute!! i wan one too.. ehh if my friends also like me.. can give me one.. lol
ke ai! (=
heh heh.. this is my 'signature drawing'.. i call her princess Inse.. (= but this pic is so not clear.. haii..
took this with bigky on v day.. tian said we wearing qing lv zhuang.. looks like lehh.. haha.. hmmm when i bluetooth this pic from her hp to mine.. saw the pics she took with her bf.. so funny la.. they had dinner in his 'car'.. cos his is a small van.. suzuki mini van i think.. v cute one.. v rectangle.. i think got the car's pic.....

think this is his car's pic.. super cute.. hahas the front view it's ultra square de.. den since it's a 'van' den behind's seats can fold up.. den they sit inside n have dinner.. quite funny.. cos last time his old car also a van(a more van-looking van).. den they also have dinner inside last time.. quite convenient leh.. this kind of car.. hahahas..

funny pics~
look at my dentures.. in its plastic bag..
take out
look! it's bigger than my mouth..
eeeks.. hahahhas

actually it's a sweet given by wang on vday.. super funny.. i put on my table n it scared like 3-4 ppl.. my mom, sis, bro.. n even my cousin.. hahas..

hmmm now i'm in a very happy mood.. cos i just completed a video.. which makes me laugh very badly no matter how many times i saw it.. ultra funny.. lol.. maybe next time i v upset can take a look at it.. quite proud with my work.. though got a vid of myself i forgot to put in.. hahas but nvm.. it's unimpt..

well going to be recess week.. i will try n work harder!!! n tml there's self-defense course.. ganbatte ne, yinyin! fighto!

- 为什么快乐还会流下眼泪.. nv happen to me yet though -

heart blue w/ glitter 4:23 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008Y

sometimes i wonder y i keep clashing with my mom.. just a simple phrase will flare her up.. =.= i don't mean it.. but i wonder.. perhaps i really talk without using my brains.. or rather i'm too used to using this kind of tone when i'm at home.. why why why?! i hate this about myself.....

whenever i'm concentrating hard on someth.. stop trying to get me to do other stuff!! GRRRR..

- i hate lab reports! -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:08 AM

Friday, February 15, 2008Y
new blogskin!!

look at this super cute skin!! hehe.. find so long.. finally find one which i really like.. don't u think it makes u smile when u look at it?

at least it made me smile.. (=

i shld get going to get some work done le.. it's so late!

- i like cookie monster better than elmo -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:07 AM

Thursday, February 14, 2008Y
happy valentine's day! (=

hehe i received lots of presents.. happy..

big thanks to huiqi, huiyu, cindy, wangwang n waituck. (=
n this is from iris.. heh hehs looks like those chocs my cousin always make for new year.. but iris' one is cereal only.. my cousin one is darker n have peanuts.. v nice.. heh
hahas can recognise the rose? cool right.. made by pam.. hahas i just jokingly pass the wrapper to hy n said i want a rose.. n i got one.. yay! (=

i realise i don't really pay much attention to v day.. hahas.. not cos it doesn't concern me or what.. just that i don't have the heart to prepare anyth.. just don't have the xin1 si1.. but really glad i have friends who are really sweet! (=

i love my new wallet! (=
i realise i really like this design.. last time i not sure wad i want.. just wanted someth simple but nice.. den find v long also cant find.. this one is bought by bigky.. though she only gave me cos the person she bought for don't want it.. but it's really nice i think! (=
the colour was nicer when she just gave it to me.. but i used for only 1+weeks i think.. so still quite nice la.. must be careful so the bilabong words wun come off.. heh

kept sneezing today.. den during jap.. the tcher ask qn.. i was worried i suddenly sneeze when answering her.. lol.. anyways.. jap is getting too diff le!! dun quite understand.. but i think the tcher v good.. though she's v kpo.. asked every single one of us how we gng spend v day.. lol

anyone with nice nice photos which symbolise love? hahas feel like entering the msn contest.. can win tix to japan lo.. though.. think i so late enter will lugi.. n hor.. no nice photos leh.. lol

- i need to spend more effort at work -

heart blue w/ glitter 8:30 PM

Wednesday, February 13, 2008Y

just uploaded the pics from my hp to the comp.. so just lump everyth and post one post can le.. heh hehs..

i took this to show that i was studying in lib on monday when i was alone.
shifted down
zoomed.. hahas actually i too bored n drew him.. anyone help me name him? (=

this lil guy is not related to that one above.. i drew this v long ago.. n this pic sit inside my hp v long den now den upload indie.. hahas.. cant really see cos hp's camera v blur.. he's supposed to have a big smiley face..

look at the lil caps for the 2 pencils.. cute rite? heh
the 'caps'
actually are ear piece covers la.. haha

yummy yummy.. went 'mogu mogu' at far east day b4 new year's eve.. went shopping n had dinner there.. must order urself at a machine.. den go collect food when they call ur number.. quite interesting.. n they have v cute bentos.. the one on the left is chicken.. the other one is fish.. i not v rich so ordered normal bentos.. the one which bigky da bao v cute.. but no pics.. wan see go eat someday (=
my fish bento n ice lemon tea (=

look at the 3 bunnies.. heh.. v cute leh i made the 2 fatter ones in this pic myself..
pictures taken during new yr hols! (=
my cousin is the girl holding this cute baby.. look at his blur face!! so ke ai!! hahas.. he's the kid from next door n my cousin 'guai3 dai4' him.. v cool.. just go into ur neighbours house n can just carry the baby to your house n play.. he looks so blur.. n they call him yuan yuan(eh just realised that's wangwang's name! [=).. look at his yuan eyes n face.. hahahahas..
he wouldn't look into the camera..
omg!! he lets everyone carry him.. can carry quite awhile b4 he make noise.. my cousin says the whole street carry him b4 le.. cos he too guai.. so ke ai!!! my new love <3

bigky n my cousin.. he dun like to talk.. veryvery introverted.. n i think he's growing too fat.. haii.. v unhealthy.. but think his mom got let him eat someth to control his weight bah..
my 2 cute cousins again.. behind is the brother junyan n in front is weixin.. v clever but mischievious girl.. look at how good she is at posing for photos.. pretty~

my papa 'tou1 chi1' chicken wing.. hehehe..

outside granny's house.. the left side.. i forgot to take directly in front de photos.. maybe next time i go back.. (= the girl in yellow is tian.. wah featured again in my random takes.. hahaha

my fat hand.. hahas bigky helped me paint my nails pink! (= i like another shade though..

hmmm guess that's about all.. hahas.. i will try to take more photoos next time.. gtg do hw liao..

- ciao -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:02 PM

Sunday, February 10, 2008Y
happy cny!! (=

wah.. this is a late post.. but i was in m'sia.. n yest i came back n had no mood to write.. heh..

hahas.. now showing 'i not stupid too'.. den my siblings dunno i nv watch b4.. then was v puzzled how come i find it v funny.. or v sad.. they so funny la.. lol

then today went the singapore river hong bao.. till now i still v puzzled how come singaporeans give it such a weird name.. hahas..

i wanna watch cj7!!

n i got a new kou3 tou2 can2.. hahas.. it's 'lame'.. except i copy dunno forget who le.. n pronounce it as 'lem'.. used it to irritate bigky.. but end up they also follow me say like that.. heh.. so funny..

sometimes i really dislike how ppl change temperaments so easily.. n how some ppl would not pay attention to my words(maybe i'm too lame).. i always try my best to listen to everyone.. but well.. i cant expect ppl to treat me the same way i treat them also right.. hmmm

oh that day on our way back to sg.. cos super traffic jam.. den we stuck in the car listening to 93.3.. den v funny.. we listen to the song.. den hlafway kanna change to cny song.. so weird.. like a few times le.. den nearing sg custom that time.. our hp got line alr(cos no auto roam so need go back den can use).. dne i ask them to msg the 93.3 complain.. den i used tian's hp to msg.. n say how come the song like that keep change to cny songs.. den bigky even more evil.. msg to say the dj say wrongly when reporting the news.. cos she meant to say rou du gan jun(botox).. so news abt it la.. den she say till rou gan(bak gua).. that's so funny la.. so in cny mood.. den after we msged den the dj msg back.. n say the cny songs is cos got tech probs.. n say she'll improve on her reporting skills.. so funny.. lol

- no time no time! -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:02 PM

Monday, February 04, 2008Y

my memory is really really bad these days.. esp cannot rmb things which i meant to do.. well i cant rmb lectures well too.. but rmbing things which i'm supposed to do is really really much worse..

for eg.. i only rmb i'm supposed to go je to collect smth for my mom when i'm alr opening my gate.. n i dun rmb to fold my blanket again though i told myself i'd go back n fold it.. and it happens more n more frequent that i go one place and forget about what i'm supposed to do.. maybe after awhile i'd start forgeting names of ppl whom i meet v rarely.. =.= anyone noes some brain exercise i could do?

hmmm.. today finally collected the new yr goodies i bought from mse.. remind me not to buy from them again.. so troublesome.. =.= den i gave the kueh bangkit(dunno how to spell) to my godfather.. sometimes i wonder.. it becomes a 'procedure' to give gifts to my godparents or to receive things from them.. really i don't mind not getting gifts from them la.. not like i do alot of things for them.. haii.. i really not good with all these relationship stuff.. i shall just be myself! (=

sometimes i will start thinking about family.. like u can always say u love ur family etc etc.. but how do u describe love? is it an obligation cos of the blood bond? or a habit? sometimes just have these kind of weird questions.. i guess love is just something which cant be described.. and shouldn't be publicised as well.. hahas..

i think i should start being more health conscious alr.. just that i'm still so lazy.. more exercises! heh

- shopping again tml (= -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:53 PM

Saturday, February 02, 2008Y
m'sia trip

super tired!! even more tiring than a whole day of shopping.. only shopped for like 1.5hrs.. n only walked like 1/4 of the shopping centre.. cos rushing for time.. ended up only bought a pair of slippers.. )= tml gng fareast.. i guess i still dun like shopping after all..


ok for kq's sake i shall explain abit about the pv of order made.. hahas

at 1st u see the boyboy holding 2 pieces of bread.. then the other guy chose the square piece of the bread.. at that point it's the part about choosing future or past.. den he chose the square piece of bread.. it signifies the 'past' lo..

den the song cont on.. u see the boyboy cut the cucumbers other ingredients etc.. into 2 slices each.. the lyrics part is the 'give 2 legs arms etc' part..

den after that.. u see him cut 2 slices of meat.. the song is till the part about giving him 2 hearts.. den u see the old man point to one slice den the boyboy took out one slice.. so it's like asking for only one heart..

alot of symbolism in the pv.. but all the things which happens is according to the lyrics.. the song is about making a new person.. then the pv is taking order for making a sandwich.. very interesting pv.. think it makes more sense den those meaningless mvs i always see.. hahas

feeling abit feverish again.. =.=

- so hard to find things i like -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:14 PM

Friday, February 01, 2008Y
order made~

i like this song!!

RADWIMPS - ???????
Uploaded by once_again

especially the lyrics.. i think it's quite unique..

Translation(credit njt and cnet128 @ mangahelper link ):

order made
I think I must have been asked this once.
Before I was born, by someone, somewhere.
"Choose one: the past, or the future,
And I will allow you to see it.
Which will it be?
Which will it be?"

And I probably decided on the past.
So that, rather than just strong, I could become kind, become kind.
So that I could understand what memories are.

Next, that 'somebody' told me this.
"I'll give you arms and legs and mouths and ears and eyes,
Hearts and breasts and nostrils.
I'll give you two of each one.
Isn't that great?
Isn't that great?"

But then I made a request.
I said, I'd be fine with just one mouth.
So I wouldn't argue with myself;
So I could only kiss one person.

I want to forget.
But somehow, I can't.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

Looking a little disappointed,
The person continued with his explanation.
"The hearts are most important,
So I'll put one behind each of your breasts.
Isn't that great?
Isn't that great?"
But, once more, I had a request to make.
I'm awfully sorry, but to be honest,
I really don't need a heart on the right.
Sorry to keep troubling you like this.

It's so that when I find that one special person,
And hold her close to me for the first time,
Only then will I finally be able to feel
Two hearts beating, one on each side.

The left one mine, the right, yours.
The left one yours, the right, mine.
So that alone, I'll always be lacking something.
So that I won't be able to just go on living alone.

I want to forget.
But somehow, I can't.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

My chest is pounding,
Yet somehow it seems familiar.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

"Ah, that reminds me, there's one last thing.
Would you like us to add in tears as well?
You'd have no problems without them,
But some people find them annoying, so they opt out.
What would you like?
What would you like?"

In the end, I asked him to add them in.
So that, rather than just strong, I could become kind, become kind.
So I could understand what it means to hold something dear.

"Oh, while we're at it, the tears will need a flavour.
So I'd just like you to choose which one you'd prefer.
We have sour, salty, spicy, sweet.
You can choose whichever you like.
Which will you have?
Which will you have?"

Everything was put together just as requested,
So wipe those tears away and let me see your face.
Come on, show it to me with pride.

Thank you so much for everything.
Sorry to have caused you so much trouble.
But could I just ask one last thing?
"Have we met somewhere before?"

i particularly like this part of the song:
I want to forget.
But somehow, I can't.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

sends a chilly feeling down my spine..

the lyrics are really v nice!! hehe.. like talk about love n life..

so would u like to be kind or strong? if u choose the past.. so u can review the stuff u did.. n become kinder.. if u choose to see the future.. u can see what happens and become stronger to achieve it.. i don't really have an ans.. maybe i want to be kind n strong at the same time..

n the hearts part which describe love.. quite unlike those love songs i always listen to.. but v.. how to say.. tie1 qie4.. maybe i'd listen to this band more next time.. hehe

- sometimes things happens for a reason -

heart blue w/ glitter 9:53 PM

tired but happy..

happy belated bday to waiwai.. hahas.. went celeb with her that's y so late den can post..

alamak.. really v tired le.. n tml still need wake up early to go play badminton.. oh it's today le.. ahh!! less den 6hrs of slp le!!

today went central at clarke quay.. they keep forcing me to try dresses.. think i tried more dresses today den in my whole life add together.. hahas.. i'm ok with it la.. but v tiring keep having to change.. lol

oh ya.. alot of interesting things happened during dinner.. too long to type out.. but it was a really fun dinner! (=

- i feel happy when everyone ard me is -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:04 AM