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Tuesday, January 31, 2006Y
happy cny!

awww.. so fast 1 yr past liao.. hahas.. so old liao.. hahas..

this yr cny not much diff from previous yrs also la.. went m'sia.. slacked.. eat.. watch tv.. slp.. gamble.. eat.. talk.. slack.. watch tv.. slp.. slp.. eat.. gamble.. slack.. eat.. slp.. gamble.. slack.. talk.. slp.. watch tv.. ok u know the pattern.. haas..

juat sidetrack for a mo.. now listening to h&c soundtrack.. so NICE!!! just now go my blog's pg.. see the pic just wan hug hagu.. haiiis.. love the show alot!! stupid ym.. haha

this yr horr.. think the angbao $$ got increase abit.. or.. issit decrease? i cant rmb.. but think my aunts/uncles some of them won 4D.. my uncle car come out mahhs.. den some of them think increase the amt of $$ they usually give.. ehhhs or maybe not.. like last yr more $$$ lehhs.. aiya cant rmb la.. hahaha

nut this yr gamble got earn some $$$.. hahas.. my small uncle v generous.. 'distributed' ard $1000 or so he said.. hahas.. ooops maybe i shldnt say out.. shhhhhhhhhhh.. =P

m'sia channels show alot of nice shows.. saw windstruck on sunday night.. so SAD!! but they cut some parts.. but still have the very funny part in the police station.. n of cos the v sad part la.. made me cry again.. hmmmpt.. but actualli i also din watch alot of tv.. so sad lorr.. stupid!!! my cousin onli went borrow the ah wang xin zhuan on the day i leaving.. den watch the 1st epi halfway den have to leave liao.. sad norrhs.. their place v good.. dunno is can borrow/rent.. think quite cheap also.. so they watch so much more shows den us.. so hao ming.. n thn mm'sia channel more efficient than sg.. the lawyer show at 9pm now.. last time they alr watch on m'sia ch liao.. den every1 say V NICE.. hmmmpt

haha ebough abt shows.. hmmm realise that i went away for like a few days.. den AO down.. so super sad.. i wonder if FMA movie alr out liao anot.. thought jan coming out the dvd/vcd? i wan it!!!! why is AO down? why why why?? sad sad sad..

finally i figured out how to configure the stupid flashget for dl-ing the stuff at another ftp site.. the speed.. like shit la!! dl till tml also think wun fin.. now feelin slpy liao.. aiyo.. waste of time..

ok will update a next time.. cos too tired to cont.. well no1 reads anyway.. wad i write so stupid n useless.. =.=

-hopefully.. i can find love here..-

heart blue w/ glitter 10:24 PM

Friday, January 27, 2006Y

You're Honey and Clover! Sweet, but daring. You're

not afraid to express yourself. You're both

soft and hard, but deep down you just want to

be happy. You're kind of wacky sometimes,

admit it!

What Little-Known Manga Are You? (wide variety, pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

not v true.. if i can say so.. not true at all.. hahas.. but i LOVE this anime so much!!! n this pic so nice!!! i love it..

heart blue w/ glitter 1:12 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006Y
hmmm quite true.. some of them..

ColorQuiz.comyinyin took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Wishes to find her stimulation in a voluptuous atm..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

haha.. kope from kq's blog.. =P

heart blue w/ glitter 9:38 PM

Thursday, January 19, 2006Y

sians.. long time no blog.. no time laa.. bored.. sians.. super bored.. super sians.. these few days v lonely at work de.. cos ym n jj both sick.. den i work by myself.. go home myself(today no OT they have, yest got OT they din come).. haiis.. so boring..

ehhhs i no $$ le.. haven go withdraw.. haven paid my boss the lunch money.. but i was kinda hoping that the bigger boss treat us lehhs.. haha.. the atm machine at je mrt station spoil.. cant insert atm card.. cannot withdraw $$.. =.=

very happy.. tml is last day of work for this week le.. finally tide over this very chaotic n busy week.. esp doing 2 OTs this week.. tiring ehhs.. hurray for friday!!! but.. haiis.. my sis off tml.. den gng out with bro.. i cant tag along.. sad!!!

nth much to say abt the past few days.. just that.. i think it's not as bad as last week.. cos i think my boss sick cant really scold us.. i mean.. when she din come on wed.. i'm so relieved.. hey.. not that i hate her or smth.. but less stressful bahh.. though super busy..

arts central show new show.. very NICE!! 11pm arts central.. wed-fri.. MUST-WATCH!!! samurai 7.. dun get fooled by the title.. it's all cool stuff.. more futuristic than those normal samurai show(though they say the movie it was inspired from is actually much nicer.. haha).. nth like peacemaker(i think, onli epi 1 shown.. haha).. anyways.. just wanna compliment on the awesome animation.. think read somewhere got ppl praise the animation.. got to agree with it.. it's really NICE!! i mean.. it gives me the ghibli vibes.. a teeny weeny bit.. but yeahhh.. i love the animation.. ^^ the storyline think quite good too.. just have to look on n see..

well was watching bleach these past few days.. it's terrific.. most naruto websites have bleach.. n every1 is raving over it rather than watching the fillers from naruto(at least i'm one of them.. haha).. each epi is very exciting.. the humor is just right(i think).. but somehow.. i think naruto is funnier.. or is it me? since alot of ppl said bleach is rather a comedy.. haa..

i wanted to compare some similarities between bleach n naruto.. wanted to.. but now lazy.. hahha.. n oohh.. i think shankugan no shana is really realli similar to bleach in certain ways.. eg.
1. both have 2 worlds.. soul society in bleach, world of guze in shana
2. both have chars coming from the other world who can fight.. rukia in bleach n shana in shana
3. both are girls who had the powers.. when in bleach ichigo becomes even better.. but in shana shana is the powerful 1 still
4. there seems to be some sort of romance between the 2 main chars.. well for bleach isnt that obvious.. but i hope they can be together!! hmmm
5. both have 'monsters'.. hollows in bleach n kings of guze in shana
6. the 'mosters' don't really eat humans.. hollows eat souls, the kings of guze eats existence
n.. when i see anymore similarities i'd post.. hahas

actually for this entry i'd been writing for the past 3 days.. couldn't quite complete it.. n from since the 1st day i was writing these stuff.. i had watched alot more epis of animes.. hahaha.. bleach has gotten so super exciting!!! awwww.. so nice!!! heees

bahhhhhhhs.. wanted to go out today(sat) but ym woke too late den i also lazy go out liao.. hahas.. so shld be gng out tml.. blehhs now gotta sit in front of the comp again.. as usual.. got nth to do.. trapped in my own little insignificant world.. with only watching anime as my pastime.. hmmm maybe i shld go exercise.. really super fat!! sians..

-the tears flow down my cheeks uncontrollably.. i curse the world..-

heart blue w/ glitter 10:42 PM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006Y
rainy days..

so cold nowadays.. rain n rain n rain n rain.. shivering everyday.. plus clothes wun dry.. even if dry will have weird weird smell.. =.= lols.. but it's certainly nice to slp.. =P

hmmmm.. very sians.. during weekend + holiday(hari raya haji).. stay at home slack alot.. very sians.. haven gotten my new yr clothes yet.. haiis.. dunno how shop la.. aiya.. dun feel like gng to work tml.. really quite stressed de lehhs.. v scared key wrong things.. haiis.. plus so boring everytime.. just stare at comp.. n i still v scared to call ppl!!! grrr

ehhhs.. stayed at home these few days watched quite some animes.. hahas.. very nice.. lemme think.. ahhh 3 altogether.. but moving on the others soon.. since watch till the most recent ones for those le.. the rest not out yet i think.. haha

black cat so super nice!! gng to love train so much~ hahas.. gng since onli 11 epis out.. waiting for epi 12.. but really like train.. so cool.. n cute at the same time.. hahahas.. he very funny derhs.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i love the show!! aiya.. faster release lehhs.. hehe

shakugan no shana v nice as well.. it deals with supernatural stuff.. which i find similar to bleach in some ways.. well wun go into details now.. anyways.. minus all those weird weird stuff n the action/fights.. it's actually abt.. ehhhs.. romance? hahaha.. at least i sense smth between those 2.. n of cos shana is the cutest char out of the 3 animes i'm watching atm.. hahaha.. as in prettiest too.. ^^

mushishi is such a.... weird show.. unique.. never seen smth quite like that(well i haven watched much other animes either).. i heard the way it is shown is like kino smth smth show.. hahaha cos it's actually a buch of story of the travels of a mushishi n the ppl he met with.. the stories are actually quite deep.. hmmm dunno how describe..

aiya i so no life.. onli stay at home in front of somp whole day.. of else think how i can watch so many shows.. oh just dl-ed sch rumble ovas.. but like onli 2 epis.. hmmm not sure.. arghhh no life!~ T.T

-why does such things happen to me.. i do want to let u into my heart.. but u keep refusing mine.....-

heart blue w/ glitter 9:12 PM

Saturday, January 07, 2006Y

feeling so bored.. maybe i shld go dig out my other animes n watch.. hahaha

i'm haunted by my job.. like now when i type in the browser.. i typed: '/nva'... cos my work everyday will type that.. hard to explain but yeahh.. dunno la.. become a habit liao.. hahahas.. blehhs

i've fin watching school rumble.. cant say that i'm impressed with the ending.. which i now know isn't exactly an ending since there's gng to be season 2 coming this april.. now i need to get the ova.. which has been released for sometime now.. hehhhs

hmmm.. school rumble is really a nice show.. not ur typical sch romance type of anime.. it's simply lame n weird n funny! personally i really find it funnier than fmp fumoffu.. or maybe is because i watched fumoffu at a time when i wasn't feelin that.. good? hmmm

anyways.. i feel that school rumble is a really nice show to watch n just laugh ur heart out.. maybe if u look past the funniness u can detect a storyline abt this poor guy who wans to gain the heart of this girl who likes another guy.. but don't think so.. hahaha.. without all the randomness n lameless it wouldn't be sch rumble.. so if anyone wans a good laugh after a long day at work i can lend u this.. i shld be getting the manga too.. if i have the time.. hahahahs..

i really love mayday's xiang1 xin4.. it's just just sooo nice.. hmmm ok laa.. i love all their songs.. haas..

hmmm my mom came back early today.. she wans go KL today.. cos my grandma in ICU there.. hmmm =.=

T.T whenever i listened to 'only human' i'd feel like crying.. it's soooooooooo sad!! n nice.. i wann the other song too.. 'konayuki'.. also in 1 litre of tears.. searching hign n low for that 1.. hmmm

sometimes i feel so lost.. like i cant fit anywhere.. how i wish there is a place in this world which i can fit in.. or issit that i tried too hard to fit in that i dont belong anywhere?

i'm really tired.. tired of everything..

sometimes it's hard to find someone to speak to.. being able to speak heart-to-heart..

it's so lonely.. in this crowded room..

i've always been watching your back.. from afar.. when i'm with you.. all times.. when is it can i walk with you? i wish to see your face.. and for you to see mine..

hmmm i realised i hate going out with " ".. i hate it.. really hate it.. but i always forget.. damn my lousy memory.. n very soon i will go out with them again.. n start to think that i really hate going out with them.. yet i know i'd agree to go out with them the next time.. n the next time.. n the next.. n not enjoying any second of it though i wanted to.. damn my meaningless life.. damn it!

one thing i really hate is when ppl go off without saying anyth.. no good bye.. no nth? but i hate myself more.. for craving such acknowledgement.. such detestable n low emotiions.. i hate myself.. for trying sososooooo hard.. really really.. hate myself.. hate myself.. hate.. myself..........

-i shldn't adapt to the world.. the world shld adapt to me..-

heart blue w/ glitter 12:49 PM

Wednesday, January 04, 2006Y
so tired

i feel so tired.. wornout.. not really physically.. but rather.. spiritually.. haiis.. wonder if working makes u like this.. so routine.. so......... empty..

i wish i wont let ppl dislike me.. i caused too much problem for my supervisor these two days n feel so bad.. i wish she wont look at me everytime i approach her like thinking: surely smth bad has happened.. or thinking: again?!

it's not fun to work.. not fun to work at all.. i realise alot of the ppl smoke.. those guys at the warehse i think.. when they come in our office.. smells so smokey.. or issit i'm sensitive to that smell alr.. since my dad smokes as well.. but maybe they're just too smelly le..

it's gng to be 11pm.. which is animania time.. n i couldn't think of anyth else to write.. after i fin sch rumble i'd give another review.. it's really hilarious.. more so than fmp fumoffu imo.. that's wad i think though not all epis are that funny.. but i think i laughed more.. so lame!~ hahas

-i think i'm feelin a little lonely-

heart blue w/ glitter 10:12 PM

Sunday, January 01, 2006Y
attitute? nani?

today i had a 'row' with my parents.. more like they're super displeased with me n shouted at me n all that.. ok so i did threw the clothes onto the sofa forcefully.. but how do i explain to them that i'm agitated at my idiotic bro with his annoying, don't care much, he's the only one in the world kind of attitute..

haiis.. have a stomach full of bitter water to vomit(literal translation from chi) just now.. but now dun feel like speakin abt those stuff le.. just take it that i pms laa.. blehhhs..

i just fin fmp fumoffu.. i wanna see the missing epis!!! hahas.. the show really super funny.. yet heart-warming to see sometimes.. like those 'sweet' but short moments between chidori n sousuke.. they so funny n cute together.. i esp love the ghost epi.. the last part.. hehe ooh n the flirting 1.. ending part is sweet as well.. ^^ *fumoffu*!

i've decided against buyin juuni kokki liao.. since jj gng to lend me bahhs.. i hope.. hehe.. maybe i shld get other shows.. i'm interested in.. ehhhs.. dunno next time go den see wad i shld get.. den my weekends will have smth to do liao.. yay! hehe

-hair so messy-

heart blue w/ glitter 10:22 PM