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Friday, November 30, 2007Y
alert alert!!!


super happy.. cannot describe my happiness.. super happy..

wahahahs.. after my last paper.. i'm really super relieved n happy.. it's not a difficult paper but i dun think i'd do well since got qn i nv study came out.. but still.. i tot it'd be the toughest paper.. so v relieved.. den after that super happy!!

initially.. i was super depressed.. after mon's papers.. cos of my jap paper.. which i found out i made a super stupid mistake.. n the afternoon paper.. which supposedly i thought would be the easiest but end up i think i would do the worst for it.. budden after exams ended.. i really heck care le!! super happy.. cant even feel depressed over the stupid mistakes i made alr.. hehe happy..

dun think i'd score v well for my subj but just happy everyth ended!! hehe

now.. for holiday plans.. since i dun think i'd be working.. i'd be making full use of the time to play n slack!! hehe.. tml going kbox.. den next mon going watch hero.. den 6th gng out also.. wahahas.. but i still wan go out more.. who wan go where can ask me along!! hehe

- maybe people are happier when they stop expecting so much out of themselves -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:16 AM