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Saturday, April 29, 2006Y
officially jobless

haiis.. cant help feeling kinda sad.. afterall worked for more than 4 months liao.. now suddenly jobless of cos abit sad la.. wad's more the ppl there realy not bad also la.. haiis.. nvm.. now can res abit b4 searching for new job.. not as bad as my sis lo.. now gng sch + go work during weekend also.. bahhhhhs

no letters for me yet.. shld i feel happy or sad? well if it's rejection maybe i wan to drag b4 seeing them.. but waiting is a torture too.. no interviews(maybe cos i din chack mail but dunno la).. no news n my results cant be straight entry de.. so lo.. expecting rejection.. wonder wad i can do if i nv go uni.. hmmm needa find a job.. i can most prob teach sec 3 chi lo.. since i teach my bro find him so stupid since i noe every qn lo.. haha

now my entries have a weekly basis alr.. cos of work n everyth.. then abit busy la.. no time(or issit nth to blog abt? haas).. last week like everyday go out late.. though no OT(wasted lo cos now no more salary.. lol).. then everyday go out.. mon is with ym trying to find smth for lk n kelly.. tues with tian trying to find smth for lk n kelly.. wed went watch ice age2.. no time to look for smth for lk n kelly.. thurs lk n kelly treat us dinner.. finally bought smth for lk n kelly.. lol.. onli fri come home straight after work..

aiya forgot to take pics of those really cute socks we made for them.. hahas.. every1 said they're cute lo..

today din get to use comp.. hence no dl-ing of manga n anime for me.. quite sad.. n hor nana need wait till tian come home to watch tgt.. hehhs.. thinking of dl-ing solar's vers of ouran.. howhowhow?!?!? but lunar's really nt bad.. just that i'm geared towards solar cos of the great job they did for H&C.. looking forward to H&C season 2.. ^^

- it's quite contradicting.. here i'm all laughing n smiling with u guys.. there i'm secretly depressed in my own lil world.. is this depression? -

heart blue w/ glitter 4:18 PM

Saturday, April 22, 2006Y
i heartx "life" by yui~

i can listen to it non-stop!! keep playing the music vid.. very nice!!! it shld be an ED of bleach.. though forgot which epis de.. anyways.. it's v nice.. ^^

gosh this season has alot of new nice animes!! comp has no space lar.. haas.. and still aiming for some others.. =.= however animes from last season i haven complete also.. an example is black cat.. i wan find a ddl lehh.. =X finally decided to collect bleach and naruto in rmvb format.. no point wasting my cds over those fillers.. hmmm but then cannot find a decent rmvb website for naruto.. haiis.. there used to be so many.. now.. i'm too lazy to search.. =X

yawn.. was filling quite sick this morn.. terrible headache.. n was feeling kinda feverish.. so i popped a "panadol fast action".. now feeling so much better.. hahas.. it works wonders.. panadol.. =D

maybe u r my love~ haha :wub: ouran host club.. so funny.. OP n ED v nice as well.. gotta go dl.. =D it's abit like fubura(aka fruits basket).. but more of comedy.. i like.. hehhs.. n there's even a momiji lookalike.. ^^

hmmmm.. i really dontdontdontdont like my new boss.. =X with all his new rules etc.. uber demanding somemore.. like if we cant fin all the orders we had on hand that day we have to stay back to fin + cannot claim OT.. =.= n heard from them he's quite rude too.. actually from the way he speak i can also feel that he's rude la.. n v inconsiderate.. hmmmpt.. this kind of ppl really have nth better to do.. everyday ask them go in and talk talk talk.. nv see him doing anyth constructive.. and always looking at us.. still complained that we talk to much.. heyhey our work is quite stressfull alr cant we ourselves do it in a relaxing way? we talk n do work at the same time ok?! hmmmmpt! quite lucky they "kicked" us out.. if not i cannot really stand him.. esp the way he stands behind me.. ask me do this that wadever.. if i go abt my own way.. i wont feel so stressed.. if he cant wait then do it himself la.. of cos need time de mahh.. =.=

ok enough ranting about him.. scarly he come across my blog n sue me then i die la.. hahas..

boring.. dl-ing fma ova at the mo.. hahahas cant wait for it to end.. it sounds good from the reviews.. well anyth abt fma is good i supposed.. hehes

gosh it's so hard to search for my girl in youtube.. then i realise that i have to be a "fren" of that guy b4 i can watch his vids.. =.= but it's better than wasting my time dl-ing from BT.. uber slow.. 1st epi is quite good.. quite funny.. but sometimes i feel that the jokes are abit deliberate..

hmmmmmmmm i spent whole day this entry.. adding bits in here n there when i've got nth to do.. lol that's y i find that this entry doesnt flow.. one time i'm talking abt this.. then the other time i'm speaking abt that.. forgive me~ hehhs

thought abt posting some pics of nana n ouran mayb others.. but think better not.. hmmm.. =X

- hachi is cute! *nana obsession* -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:41 PM

Saturday, April 15, 2006Y

spending this long weekend at home is quite sad.. especially everyone ard me is going out.. like erhem.. my sis n my bro.. practically every1 in my hse is out except my dear mama.. lol.. though dad n tian go to work.. but quite bored at home.. read fin everyth on the i-weekly alr.. plus tv got nth interesting la.. not that i feel very much like gng out also.. too lazy.. =X

hmmmm better make use of this time to burn out some of my stuff.. hahas.. comp really running out of space alr.. n perhaps can dl some stuff + watch some stuff.. hehhs..

my mom very funny lo.. keep asking me help her burn cd.. then i alr told her dont have the prog.. cant find the cd.. she keep asking n asking.. =.= really cant find wad.. what can i do? hmmmpt!

- forget it! -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:29 PM

no time!!!

hahas.. only till now i get to use the comp.. bro hogged the comp for whole day alr.. now it's 12.10am.. =.=

been trying to enter some entries for a week.. but really no time!!!! between my work and tv.. no time to touch comp la!! haaas.. finally completed da chang jin.. piah through alot of epis last sat.. then finally watch the last epi yest.. awwwwww.. kind of sad it ended.. hahas.. but at least now i wont get stuck in front of the tv whole day.. ^^

grrr.. i hate my lazy self.. sosososososooooooo lazy.. think i gng overweight soon le la.. so FAT!! grrrrrrrrr.. n that day my cousin ask me to exercise.. keep asking if i got exercise.. that day saw him alr keep saying.. wad exercise is good wadever.. hahas.. like i dont know.. too lazy onli mahh.. stupid.. arghhhhhh..

ok.. i going to be jobless soon.. the big boss gng to "fire" us.. ok.. hmmm more like asking us to work till end of this month onli.. cos he wants to cut down headcount.. actually it's more like there's not enough ppl alr.. we cant even finish our orders.. now.. we're leaving also.. haiis.. actually those ppl staying are quite poor things also.. hmmmpt.. hope i dont create much mess for them that they had to clear up after we leave.. kind of like jj la.. kind having to dig for her stuff.. so troublesome.. =X hahas..

so yeahh.. what am i going to do during may? find another job? go jing4 xiu1? maybe i shld.. brain is rusty alr.. gotta get rid of the feeling that "i'm useless".. though it's kind of hard huhs? n.. well need to go exercise.. arghhh.. no more $$$$.. bank acc stuck at the same amt for v long alr.. so sian.. must do more OT these couple of weeks man!! then can earn more b4 we go.. hahas.. hahaha.. so funny

stupid ym.. can nv beat her at minesweeper.. or any other game la.. lol

today feels like a sat.. except it's not.. it's good fri.. ahhhh.. usaly fridays are good alr.. now it's better! ^^ slept alot today..

oh!!!! just rmb abt animania!!! oh gosh.. i'd alr missed many epis of WHR due to da chang jin alr.. then today i still forget! grrr.. leaky brain.. nvm.. =X

- tired -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:11 AM

Monday, April 03, 2006Y
bu hao wan de!!!!

not fun!!! i dont like gng to work!!! not fun not fun not fun!!! esp i have to chase for stocks to be released.. den feeling super scared when i dont d/o on time!!!! T.T very sad n stressed lehh this stupid job.. haiis.. but ok la.. i think i'd get over it pretty soon.. hopefully.. given my super leaky brain.. hmmmhmmm.. but still!!! very stupid!!!!!!! veryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery stupid!!!! like i ask this person abt the thing.. den he say he'd check with this other guy.. ask the other guy den he say he'd check with that guy.. so check here check there wasting time lo!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr

hehhs.. now i'm officially a "da chang jin" fan.. this show is really really quite addictive.. once i started then will keep watching.. esp since.. it's very unpredictable as well.. kind of like dont know what is going to happen next.. well.. i guess eventually everyth will go well for changjin but the process will be very difficult.. hmmm.. i'm a real tv addict.. i mean.. i can just sit in front of the tv n watch the whole day.. quite terrible.. no wonder my brain's deterioating.. =.=

i guess when i have the interest in someth i always have to keep my mind on that thing b4 i lose interest.. since i tend to lose interest quite easily.. maybe if i have stronger liking to the thing.. or that it does not become boring.. or that i dont have other things that will keep me occupied i'd then concentrate on one thing by itself for very long.. otherwise.. once i lose my interest it'd be quite hard for me to pick up that thing agian.. hmmm this certainly applys to my studies.. haiis..

i love nana manga! it's no wonder that it is the most popular shojo managa at the moment in japan rite now.. sooo nice!~ hehhs.. well i cant say that it's popularity has spreaded throughout the world.. but it is a really unique story of the friendship between two very different girls(with opposite personalities!!) and how their lives changed after they met each other.. of the influences they have on each other and how their actions affect each other.. besides the 2 main char the other side chars are very well developed as well.. no wonder ppl idolise ai yazawa(the mangaka).. she's a real damn good storyteller who has superb drawing abilities!!! haha..

hmmm very unlike naruto n bleach, there is no superpowers and things that are only bred from the imagination of the mangaka.. although those things which happen in the manga are impossible to happen to me(or any1 that i know of).. i still find it a really realistic story of 2 girls trying to realise their dreams and in their own way finding strength from each other despite their differences.. a manga i recommend to every1.. ^^

veryveryvery tired.. oopps.. 12.07am le.. need to slp else i wont wake up tml le.. sian.. think of work then sian.. i also wan to go abroad!!

- even i find myself too childish.. -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:40 PM