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Saturday, August 16, 2008Y
olympics watch~ (=

so long nv log in to blogger.. the dashboard interface changed i also dunno.. hahas

oh ya.. been watching quite alot of olympics these days.. since i'm one who cant do sports.. it's fun to watch those who can n those who did them so well.. XD

oh ya.. congrats to sg's woman pingpong team.. n quote from wt:"let's have our Pingpong Day!".. hahahahas.. it's another classic from her (=

today.. when phelps almost lost his 7th gold.. he won by dunno 0.01s or smth.. but i want to say.. when i heard of this news.. 1st reaction is.. issit he too yaya alr den cant swim well.. hahas.. reminded me of huiyu when she kept commenting the table tennis team lost points cos they too yaya le.. n i keep disagreeing with her.. now i have the same thoughts about phelps.. maybe thought it was too impossible for him to lose unless it's cos he's too yaya.. hahahhas.. but anyways.. i agree with the newspaper.. a hardfought battle makes the victory more sweet.. (= i shall work harder den.. lol.. n jiayou for tml!! our female table tennis team!! oh ya.. national day rally speech telecast moved to monday to let us watch the match.. very funny.. cos they think the viewership will drop drastically for the national day rally? heh hehs.. i keep imagining the scene the PM received the news of them winning gold n shout on the stage or smth.. wahahhas

today worked at suntec career fair.. ended up visited alot of the booths there with bigky.. heh heh.. i realised i finally have smth i wanted to do after i graduated from mse.. i wanted to design those materials used in defence science de.. maybe i was influenced by that dunno which lecture that showed the boots designed in sg which protected one guy's leg being blown off by landmine.. hahas.. dunno la.. i usually lose interest in things v easily.. so i shall see see.. but that's one target! more to come.. (= haha

- greedy -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:07 PM

Sunday, August 03, 2008Y
cycling + concert

went cycling on sat.. was fun!! n tiring.. hahas.. my legs really luan3 diao after returning the bicycle to the rental place.. hahas..

when i was cycling.. suddenly think abt smth.. i think cycling is like life.. there're times when there's the tedious uphills.. but without those tiring uphill paths.. there won't be the refreshing downhill after that.. like everytime there's obstacles in life.. no matter how hard.. u will reach the most tedious high point and after that it's be the very nice downhill.. hahas dunno what i talking.. no pain no gain mah.. if u give up n don't go uphill(as in change another route), u cant enjoy the rush when u go downhill after that.. hee..

of cos cycling has many flat paths, but there're turns and such.. so kind of like life also.. life can be plain at times(cos u do almost the same things everyday).. but there're diff stages(meaning those turns?).. hahas.. plus when u cycle.. u can see alot of ppl moving ard u/past u.. like the ppl u'll meet in life.. but the best thing which i learnt.. is that the friends u go cycling with.. all have diff pace/speed.. but when u're lagging behind like 1 km away.. they'll still be in front waiting for u.. hahas(oops did i just say i cycle v slow? ha)

yepps that's my cycling story.. oh n i ate too much ajisen this hols.. lol

ah!!soda's concert!!! niceeeeeee!! though we're like quite behind(though kq keep asking me go in front but we din haha).. qf sang nice.. n ah gong still so cute.. hahas love it when he plays the paino.. soooooo nice!! but yest.. v leng3.. all the things qf said very 'cold'.. speak so many fei hua.. if not can sing longer.. i have impression their last concert sang more songs.. n was funnier.. though yest there were times qf was quite funny.. his actions n the way he speak.. haha

but very stupid.. there was no bus to take home after the concert.. end up we went to bedok interchange n took taxi home.. )= dun like expo!! haha

tml starting sch le.. sad case.. go back to studying days.. but shld be alright.. after all.. studying is wad i do best(but not do well in).. hahas

- happy go lucky -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:52 PM