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Wednesday, February 28, 2007Y
new year's resolution

sorry.. i'm slow.. but late is better than never.. ^^

new year's resolution:
1. become a better person
2. put in more effort into studies
3. learn driving
4. learn how to make bears
5. lose fats
6. take action and not only talk

hmmm ya that's about it.. hope i fulfill at least half of them.. =X

- there're things which haunt me when you least expected it -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:21 PM

Monday, February 26, 2007Y
family outing

i cant rmb wad's the other thing i wanted to blog about.. so nvm.. hehes..

yupps.. had a v fun family gathering on sunday at my aunt's house.. alot of ppl came.. ard 6 families of all sizes gathered together.. need 3 steamboats.. 1 is vegetarian de.. for my aunt n her daughter.. the rest of us.. eat anyth..

then the steamboat is can kao3 rou4 also 1.. v nice.. can eat soup things n cook meat.. they have alot of stuff lo.. like seoul garden like that!! really!! so much food! got fish, chicken, pork(seoul garden no have de lo), mussels, fishball, crab meats, mushrooms, and alot of other stuff which i cant rmb le..

den drank champagne.. v nice.. but the red wine v erxin.. cos i dun like.. they keep saying i sha2 sha3 de.. hahas.. den got red bean soup dessert.. still have watermelon.. eat till super full.. lol

den after that.. used their comp to talk to bigky over msn.. so exciting la.. alot of ppl wan talk to her.. den she dunno who to ans 1st.. but think she v happy.. cos long time nv talk to them le.. hahas still bring them ard the house twice(bring her laptop ard).. v funny.. hehes

i think yest was fun.. though we went late n missed the gambling session.. lol

- i need to jian3 fei2 -

heart blue w/ glitter 7:12 PM

Sunday, February 25, 2007Y

so tired.. but have to post this la..

anyways.. fri's jap lesson's so chim.. even tutor said it's chim.. but wad's worse.. he said next lesson gng to be more chim! die le la..

but as usually.. jap's a whole lot of fun.. so funny la.. cos for fri's lesson we always go early.. b4 that no lesson.. so can reach like v early.. den hor.. like onli another student besides us in the class.. n our tutor.. tell u la.. i think he lives there.. =X the classrm i mean.. wahhaas.. he's always there mah.. hahas just kidding la..

den hor.. i think the rm too cold.. den he opened the window.. our tut room is those long floor window.. which can open n go outside de.. got a balcony thingy outside.. dunno how to describe.. den further out.. the balcony outside there.. is a place they plant flowers de.. my tutor dunno how he suddenly stand there n look down from that place.. very funny lo.. cos 1 moment he's in the class.. the other moment we see him standing among those flowers outside.. hahas.. got 1 guy in my class even took out his hp to take his photo.. v funny..

den after that he still happily come back like nth happened.. hahas.. i think my tutor lives in his own world.. hahas.. but still.. like him alot.. v cute.. n funny.. ^^

anyways.. jap lesson's so fun.. we learnt about transitive verbs.. den he called my name.. inin-san.. no more roku.inin-san.. he finally dropped the surname part.. he used to call out full names de.. hehes.. n asked me.. chicken o tabemasu ka? means do i eat chicken.. me being me.. so blur.. tot he asked me did i eat chicken for lunch.. den i ans.. tabemasendeshita.. or smth liddat.. i v blur la.. den he cont ask me.. about pork, beef and mutton.. funny th is i ate yong dao fu for lunch.. since i mistook his qn.. den i ans i didnt eat any of them.. den i think he noes me blur alr.. den he ask me if i vegetarian.. n ask me do i eat any meat.. in jap of cos la.. den i said yes.. den he asked me wad meat i eat since i dun eat chicken, pork, beef n mutton.. wahahas.. v funny la..

so blur.. he called my names so many times la.. during the lesson.. n everytime i also blur blur de.. wahhas.. so paiseh..

haiis.. jap's getting so hard.. i need to revise alot le.. if not dunno anyth le.. den hor.. my listening that day not good.. cos i v unsure abt dates.. hahas..


- i didn't mean to post so many posts in a day -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:13 AM

i like..

war movies.. =X hehes.. dunno y lehh.. i think very nice leh.. not i saddist or wad la.. but like alot of things to learn from the shows liddat.. plus usually v sad.. hahas.. i like touching shows.. ok la.. i like funny ones too.. but i think toughing ones are the more memorable ones..

i like those disasters den ppl got to evacuate ones also.. hahas.. ppl in trouble den i like.. waolao.. so saddist.. =X wahhaas.. but war movies i'd watched are really nice lehh.. but can onli recall 2 now.. maybe i'd onli watched 2.. lol

one is.. grave of the fireflies live action movie.. maybe the anime is much much more popular though.. it's adapted from the anime movie directed by miyazaki(who directed spirited away).. same name also.. grave of the fireflies is about these 2 kids who lost their parent in the war.. n how they lived in the times of war.. v nice.. n v sad.. i watched b4 the anime b4 the live action.. anime is nice of cos.. but i think live action i cried more.. T.T v sad!

another 1 is korean movie.. welcome to dong-blahblah.. cant rmb the name in eng.. chi is huan ying lai dao dong ying chun.. v nice too.. about north n south korean civil war.. in front funny.. but behind is just just too sad! T.T

then.. reason of this post is.. i want to watch the letters from iwo jiwa.. that new war show.. think shld be v nice too.. ^^

- sleepy -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:53 AM

Saturday, February 24, 2007Y
wah legs v tired..

today went out play whole day.. hahas.. v happy.. hahas

at 1st say meet at bugis at 11am.. in the end every1's early.. cos me n wt wan prepare some stuff for hj.. cos wan celebrate her bday in advance for her.. in the end hj said she coming earlier.. made me so gan jiong.. hahas.. but in the end still made it.. in the end we met up with her at 10.50.. so early..

hahas.. den we wan go bugis street eat lunch.. on the way celebrated hj's bday.. a small choc cake with an unlit candle! hahas.. den the 2 of us eat mango flavor de.. den the bugis street that place nv open.. den we got the trek to somewhere i dun recognise, to eat organic food.. the HDB tai tai got recommend b4 de.. food is not bad..

after that went watch movie.. .. new jack neo show.. not bad la.. quite funny.. quite nice.. i think can watch.. support local production!! hehes.. den after the movie.. walked abit in bugis.. actually we nt shopping type la.. so din buy anyth.. oh ya just rmb.. we bought belated bday present for wt.. wan drive her out of the shop while we chose the prez but she keep coming to spy.. wahahhaas.. so funny la.. we bought a doraemon keychain(so cute!), a bday pig keychain.. n a card.. hahas.. we even wrote the card in front of her.. no la actually is when she was queuing for bubble tea.. but funny cos we borrowed the pens from her.. hahas

ahh.. den we went marina square.. cos hj wan go the singapore river hong bao(quite a stupid name lo imo).. but it's still v early.. den walked around n went food court eat stuff.. den went esplanade.. got small hua yue assemble of 4ppl.. hahas.. den went the chun dao he pan thingy.. i 1st time go leh.. hahas.. always nv go de.. actualy nth much leh.. like pasar malam only.. hahas.. this yr super no new yr mood..

den.. sat ard and talk crap.. took pics(cant load into comp so not posting in this post).. den got this auntie asked about where to see fireworks.. den we decided to stick ard till firework start.. den went sit at the bridge up there.. hahas.. n just waited.. talk crap.. but v funny.. i dunno y la.. think it's wt.. started this "short tongue" style of talking.. in the end we all keep talking like that till the fireworks start.. v funny lo.. laughed till pengz.. den watched fireworks.. v nice!! got take pics(not v well taken though).. n a video.. video nicer.. but got alot of other sounds.. hahas..

den after watching.. den went home le.. had a great day today.. i know the 2 of them sure have too!! too bad for jj.. da4 mang2 ren2.. nv come.. hmmpt.. u missed out!! hahas

oh.. i took express 502 home.. den hor.. v funny.. halfway right.. at orchard there.. i think the bus driver ownself go change the bus' track.. cos he contacted the HQ or smth n talked v loudly to his boss say wan claim OT cos orchard there traffic jam.. actually not much of a jam leh.. den after that the boss dunno say wad.. den he broke contact.. den he go take a turn n somehow i got the feeling that he took a big uturn n ended up somewhere else where 502 usually wun go.. den after that den go back to original track..

den i heard some1 on the bus discussing abt it too.. say he skipped some roads n went straight down.. hahas i dunno la.. not sure.. dun take 502 that often.. dunno that bus drivers can anyhow change tracks de.. funny.. hmmm den i too tired n fell aslp on the bus.. so nice to slp.. hahas..

yupps.. that concludes my day i guess.. tml must start to piah hw n study!! wt lo.. so hardworking de.. hahas..

- i still have someth more to say -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:31 PM

Wednesday, February 21, 2007Y
wishlist changes

as title said.. i updated my wishlist a lil(and abit of other stuff).. ^^

- i dont mean to post so many entries at a time -

heart blue w/ glitter 9:09 PM

v belated post!!

not to say i'm long winded.. wan to post so much entries at 1 time.. but hor.. this thing i wanted to post v long ago de.. onli no time..

yupps mom's chi bday.. 4 days before cny.. that day she went big aunt's hse to give her things.. den hor.. yi2 ma1 v cute.. ask her go cut cake.. at 1st we both v shocked.. me cos i dunno that's her chi bday.. her cos.. like huh? y will have cake..

den hor yi ma said when she noes my mom going her house she asked her son go down to lot 1 n bought a cake.. so cool la!! anyways i got take pics..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
the shirt n skirt is yi ma bought for mom de.. nice hor!

anyways gt story to tell abt the shirt.. hahas.. cos is those need tie at the side de.. den my mom hor.. dunno how to tie.. end up the in front v loose.. keep drop.. hahas.. den she keep saying the shirt too "sexy".. lol.. we laughed alot.. v funny..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
yi ma n mama

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
mama n me

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
cut cake

i think she v happy that day.. really v surprised lo.. i think if i 50yrs old still have 1 sibling rmbing my bday.. i will v happy also.. heh hehs.. actually birthdays are meant to be celebarted.. not just present-giving.. that's wad i think.. i think cakes are essential(cos i love eating n need it as an excusE? hahas).. so long nv have liao.. wahahas.. but wad really touched me from this incident is that my aunt made the effort for my mom.. it really made her day.. (=

- i love cakes -

heart blue w/ glitter 3:05 PM

happy cny!

hahas.. now for a post-cny post.. wahahas..

anyways.. this yr's cny didn't feel like cny at all.. and.. onli 1 word to describe.. sian!

ok hmmm last fri.. went je.. long story.. but anyways.. i saw this uncle drawing the portrait of a girl.. using crayons.. v nice!! v pretty.. v look like the girl.. so lihai.. but i saw the girl paid him 30bucks for it.. too bad i got no $$.. hahas

on new yr's eve.. means 17th la.. on sat.. woke up early in the morning to go m'sia.. my mom la.. so gan jiong.. keep rushing us.. n fa pi qi.. cos our car is red plate.. she scared cant reach custom in time need use the $20 coupon.. alamak.. hahas.. but we did make it in time.. saw alot of red plate cars on the way too.. sg custom din jam too long.. but m'sia there.. jam till sg custom.. as in.. jammed the whole causeway lo.. waolao.. 1 whole hr.. if not reach grandma's hse faster..

without bigky.. the car is more spacious.. but anyways.. even if she's there also cant fit in le.. every1 big le.. esp me la.. too fat.. =X hahas.. anyways the car ride shld be nth much.. den reached my mathernal grandma hse the town.. hahas.. den we wan to eat gan1 lao1 mian4.. wanton noodles la.. but sold out.. den went another place eat dim sum.. den go my ah po hse.. talked crap.. use toilet.. oh ya.. ate some stuff.. so much food!! they preparing for lunch.. got fish.. dunno wad mushroom.. den somebody at the back murdering chickens.. wahahas.. zong3 zhi1 alot of stuff.. v good..

den stayed for awhile only den went paternal grandma's house.. my ah ma's house.. at some ulu town deep into the "mountains".. wahhaas.. need ard half an hr journey or less from my ah po's hose there..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
it's in a row of shop houses.. quite impossible for me to take a pic of the whole street la.. so i onli took our shop there.. anyways.. it's separated into 2 parts.. left side is my aunt's hair saloon.. right side den is our "living room" le.. can tell from the pic?

cos abit paiseh so din take much pics.. hahas.. n the ones i took from my hp.. so v blur..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
"living room" taken from inside the house

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
den this is the behind.. i'm kind of standing in the middle when i took these 2 pics..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
hahas.. watching hua yang shao nian shao nv..

oh ya.. ok back to my story.. then reach back.. den i think is eat lunch.. den watch show.. i tell u.. they have alot of dvds there.. pirated but.. still alot!! can watch can liao mahh.. the good things about living in small towns.. 1 set of dvds can borrow from here n there.. anyways.. den we started watching this show.. tvb de.. lou2 zu4 you3 qing2 ren2.. about housing agents de.. not bad lehh.. quite nice.. quite funny but till epi 10 only..

we watched till finish till epi 10.. den i think it's reunion dinner.. nicenice.. but actually.. our cny day 1 de reunion dinner is nicer.. hahas.. den i think no shows to watch le.. den maybe we gambled.. oh no.. we didnt.. we went to watch my cousin's basketball match.. v nice to watch!! after dinner din watch the boring tv shows.. went to watch basketball.. v cool huhs.. lol.. den most of the time we're laughing at my cousin.. not the one playing.. but his younger brother.. who's in charged of changing the scores.. he so funny la.. cos the scores got 2digits de mahh.. lets say at 1st the score is 29.. den the team scored another 2 points.. becomes 31.. he changed 1 digit means he changed the 9 to 1.. n it become 21.. he forgot to change the 2 to 3.. so blur.. had a great time laughing at him..

anyways.. my cousin's team won of cos!! hahas.. after the basketball game.. went back home.. nth to do again.. den watch hua yang shao nian shao nv lo.. like the pic i posted up in front.. taken when i was watching.. hahas.. quite behind de epis.. abit funny also.. watched till quite late.. like ard.. 1+ or 2am.. while watching.. keep hearing fireworks de "bang boom" sound outside.. den when rush out.. finish le.. so sad.. alot of times liddat le.. in the end gave up trying to go out n watch.. n nv take any pics lo.. sad

i still rmb last time.. some yrs ago.. when the police din clamp down on the ppl using fireworks.. they're allowed to light in the middle of the big street.. so pretty!~ the fireworks like just above u.. u raise up ur head den can see the lights raining down on u.. on the bad side is.. there's alot of ashes.. but who cares when u can watch those pretty fireworks? vvvvvvv nice.. too bad now dun have le.. all left is the memory.. i v sad la..

cny no cny mood.. no feel.. no festive feelings de.. sian like hell.. more like a holiday back in m'sia lo.. den hor this yr no more lion dance also.. waolao.. sad..

ok la.. den 1st day of cny.. alot of ppl come back my ah ma's house.. den we woke like 8.30am liddat.. or later.. den collected angbaos.. den sat down to play cards.. we called the game "cow".. niu2 la.. which is wad we always play during newyr.. den hor.. my cousin(that basketball player).. at 1st keep losing money.. but hor in the end earned back.. earned alot of my $$$ lo.. hahas.. den i v sad.. wan revenge but think i too suay cannot.. den i think.. nvm la.. m'sia money i keep in wallet alot nv use.. those money is last yr new yr left de lo.. hahas.. lose or win also ok la..

den after that.. he left(my cousin).. den eat lunch or smth.. den played cards again.. den my dad wan play daidi.. wahahas.. den till i laugh le.. cos how.. i keep winning!! yippees.. dunno y i become lucky le.. hehes.. wow RM20++.. but in the morn i lost ard $10 la.. so in total onli earned ard $10 liddat.. den i too tired n went napped.. den wake up.. bathe den eat dinner.. dinner is v delicious..

den at night.. watched the jian4 xi2 hei1 mei2 gui4 on ch 8.. den no more shows.. den played cards again.. daidi.. but din win la.. den hor.. i found out they were watching that tvb show.. the remaining epis.. den i went out to watch.. finsih the whole series.. like 2am in the morning.. but vvvvvvv nice lo!! vvvvv touching.. keep crying.. though i think abit draggy le la.. but still.. v nice.. hahas..

den next day slept till 10am!! wow v late lo.. hahas 1st time.. always have to wake v early de.. den after that watch eat breakfast.. den make our way to my ah po's house.. go there suddenly become v leng3 qing1.. cos reduce ALOT of ppl.. usually go back.. super noisy n FULL of ppl.. now hor.. left v few.. not really that few.. but noisy ones not there le mahh.. haiis.. nowadays new yr become lesser n lesser ppl le.. so sad..

then my ah po is still sick la.. but is much better le.. since not in hospital le.. but need ppl's help to walk.. den cant eat stuff.. need use this tube from her nose to pour milk in.. haiis so poor th..

den just collect angbaos like no meaning liddat.. they give then we take.. sooooooo not new yr la!! T.T hate it..

den i dunno do wad.. think we gambled again.. wah my ah po that side de ppl.. gamble more money de.. win also more.. but lose also more la.. all the lan4 du2 gui3s.. lol.. think din win much $$.. den lunch.. food v nice.. cos my aunties all noe how to cook de.. hahas.. really alot of food.. cannot eat finish liddat.. haha.. ugh.. den think after that nth to do then gambled again.. this time my mom dealed.. n earned some $$ hahas..

den i think.. at nite.. nth to do.. tv like no shows or smth.. actually i cant rmb wad we did.. cos really too bored le.. more sian than at my ah ma's house.. cos there at least have dvds to watch.. though m'sia channels think got some stuff to watch also la.. but still.. the orientation of the chairs.. make it v hard to watch.. oh due to my hp no batt n i too paiseh.. din take any pics of my mathernal grandma hse.. but it's nice n bigger n 2 stories(though the top story is more like an attic with 3 rooms) la..

oh ya.. rmb smth.. we wanted to go waterfall in the afternoon.. 2 cars full of ppl.. den go.. actually the waterfall is near the town where my ah ma's house is at.. only further in.. the woods.. den hor the car i sat.. my cousin drive.. den hor.. they took the wrong road lo.. another cousin gave wrong directions la.. hahas.. den hor.. the road(due to rain) is v muddle with alot of pit n pubbles.. den we reached a bridge.. which was spoiled due to last time de flood i think.. den the car sure cant go up de.. they they asked these few indian kids who were fishing there la.. den found out we took the wrong road.. then the other car right.. my uncle they all.. the went the correct road but found out the waterfall was closed.. spoiled due to the flood also.. sad la.. so long nv go waterfall le..

den went back with disappointment.. hahas.. i think after that right.. forgot is at night or afternoon.. think is at night after dinner n after we went to my aunt's house take wonton skin which my uncle made.. dne i watched my cousin n my ah gong played chess.. chinese chess.. hahas.. den he lost to my ah gong of cos.. my ah gong is lao3 jiang4.. hahas.. dne hor.. he played twice i think.. but also lose.. so after that i took his place n played with my ah gong also.. hahas.. den hor!! after a long fight.. i won!!! so happy la!! my bro keep saying i wun win de.. that lousy porrk.. even if he din win last time doesnt mean i cant win wad.. wahhaas.. luckily i didn;t follow his move.. cos now that i think of it.. he asked me made a move that day.. which will definitely make me lose.. luckily i'm able to hold it myself.. n won!! hehes.. so happy.. but after that i went toilet come back den he kept the chess le.. think he thought i dun wan play le.. hahas nvm.. i now can live with the "glory" that i won once against my ah gong! hehe

then later at night.. we played cards again.. til like 12am liddat.. waolao.. my uncle(also my godfather).. super lucky lo!! won ard $200+ la.. keep eating our money.. hahas.. den still got wad.. oh ya.. my cousin bringing her bf back.. i think she came back ard 12+ to 1am.. her bf hor.. is those loanshark gangster type.. she only knew him for 6mths n wan to marry him le.. plus he's 38yrs old!! gosh sooooooo old.. twice her age.. she onli 19 la.. younger than me even.. n he looks.. eeeewwwww.. v ugly.. not i biased or smth.. shld've taken his pic or smth.. got beer belly.. quite fat.. n just.. ugly la! =X

haiis dunno wad she thinking.. ran away from home with him.. aiya dun talk abt this alr.. if not long story again..

den we younger ppl went sleep earlier.. leave those older ones to go talk to them.. den yi2 jiao4 dao4 tian1 ming2.. hahas.. nice to sleep.. think wake at 10+ or 11.. m dad la.. called us to wake up.. say wad after breakfast go out to sg le.. bluff ppl.. in the end he go play mah jiong den we have to eat lunch le den come back.. but anyways.. other than koping themes, songs n pics from my cousins.. also din do much le.. think i koped more stuff from tian though.. kope as in kope thru hp la.. hhaa.. bluetooth rocks.. ^^

oh due to influences from cousins.. i'm begining to like beyond's songs.. though old.. but nice leh.. soft rock is always the best.. i think the late lead singer of beyond has a v melancholic voice.. like v sad liddat de.. so sad he died..

so that concludes my cny.. so slack right.. onli eat sleep n gamble.. hahas

i think i haven post my mom's bday surprise party thingy.. did i? hmmmm

- i need to search for lunch -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:57 PM

Saturday, February 17, 2007Y

well i did say i wanted to post about my jap lesson..

hahas.. but really tired now.. =.=

anyways.. jap was fun!! as usual.. so happy.. (=

today have katakana test.. which i dont have much confidence about.. but i got the big smiley face for the previous test.. happy.. but i think alot of ppl also get v good.. anyways.. alot of hw!! think need to piah like hell after i get back from malaysia..

gosh just rmb.. i wanted to post up some photos.. nvm that will have to wait till i come back..

back to jap lesson.. my tutor likes to play music b4 he starts the lesson.. n softly when we doing the test.. i think.. some classical music type.. but today is special.. hahas.. he played songs.. quite nice la.. though nv really paid attn till the very end of the lesson.. hahas.. today learnt alot of stuff!! dunno if i can absorb or not.. hope i dun forget.. cos gng to have mid term test very soon!! in actual fact i cant rmb wad he said today which were really funny(but really alot of times he was funny).. n today dun have those interative worksheet to do(heng ah..).. hahas.. but it was fun when we have to go ard the class to ask ppl things in jap.. all not v fluent..

i keep mixing up the particles.. argh!! hahas.. n alot of places' names not sure.. plus katakana still v not good.. need to practise more!

oh ya at the end of the lesson he told us we have "listening test".. turns out.. he played a song n ask us to listen to it n tell him wad it is.. waolao.. v difficult!! listened quite a few times den catch abit.. but my class ppl v lihai.. can catch wad he want us to tell him.. n really after he told us the words.. become easier to listen to the words..

i think the song sounds nice.. got stuck in my head as i left the class.. dunno the title though.. lol

i think i'm too slpy to continue le.. n i forgot alot of stuff i wanted to say.. ja.. oyasuminasai!~

- angbaos here i come -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:21 AM

Thursday, February 15, 2007Y
cute (=

i'm currently infatuated with 麦兜 the pig.. so cute nehhS!!!



经典.. hahas..

abit hard to read the subs.. but it's funny as well..

soooo cute! oh ya.. if my blog plays the song.. just click stop n watch those vids.. ^^

i know i said i want to write about jap lesson.. but nvm.. tml have jap.. after tml den say.. oh ya.. rmb to stay tuned for post-cny entries(hahas).. sure v long n detailed! (=

- i want a maidou soft toy this new yr -

heart blue w/ glitter 5:03 PM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007Y

i dont understand y.. why somethings must be said like that.. like when u need to inform ppl of someth.. just go straight to the point.. like when u think i'm talking too loudly.. ask me to talk softer.. i just cannot get y any1 will like to say the opposite thing.. like ask me to speak louder if i wan to disturb ppl from their sleep.. y? i dont get it.. n me being me.. the slightest thing i find unpleasant to my ears i'd feel pissed immediately..

well.. i think i'm getting better now.. at least the anger which arose was quickly put down b4 i totally flared up n start scolding.. yepps.. i'm short tempered.. but i dont think i'm that hot tempered as compared to alot of other ppl.. =.= n i think it's quite stupid to start quarreling about such a small stupid thing which i think only i'd be angry about.. it's the tone of the voice..

i know i snap at ppl very often too.. a bad habit of mine i need to change.. really.. i'm those kind of person who'd notice v slight things in the tone of voice of the person i'm speaking to.. n i'm also the type of ppl who tends to get angry at any stupid short thing which i think is attacking me in some way.. ahhh crap.. quite stupid..

- i think i need to stop being like this -

heart blue w/ glitter 6:47 PM

Tuesday, February 06, 2007Y

the song i like the best out of the album most probably.. most probably cos i love the rest alot too.. but everytime i listen to this show.. like v touching.. alot of feeling.. hahas..

the mv.. not much feelings for it though.. still think wo you chu lian le mv is the best.. hope full one comes out soon! hehes..

thanks to some1 influencing me.. i'm starting to like shinhwa's songs.. or that guy from shinhwa.. anyways.. quite nice.. but dun wan to steal from her la.. aiyo.. mayday still the best in my heart! hahas..

- i need to ganbatte, add oil, hwating!(hahas) -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:53 PM

Sunday, February 04, 2007Y

omg!! i love mayday!! hahas =XX

wo3 you4 chu1 lian4 le mv.. sooooooooo cute!!

only 2mins.. if the whole thing come out le sure better.. hahas.. 1st time see yanming so high.. wahahas.. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. n funny.. n gaoxiao.. n cute.. n.. aiya wadever.. nicest mv i'd seen from this album thus far.. lol..

just now supertar finally ended.. daren.. kinda expected..

oh!! i finished math hw!! wow!! WOW!! super! hahas.. i hope this week's physics i will do leh.. math tut 2 easier than tut 1..

anyways enough of crap..

when will mayday come? if they come.. will they go ntu? if they go.. how many tixs can i get? oh my.. so excited le.. wahahas..

- too tired to continue -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:21 PM