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Thursday, November 30, 2006Y

i dont think i can carry a tune well.. plus low confidence.. plus i dont even listen to songs much.. plus.. how to sing when reading the lyrics just liddat? plus i think my chinese sux.. hahahas..

yawn slpy slpy.. so nice to slack at home!! wahahahas..

dunno if i have the time to complete this entry.. so i guess i just start now..

wanted very much to blog about 20th century boys.. hahas.. so much for saying it's v nice.. but really la it's really vvvvvvvv nice.. hahas.. who says the chars are ugly? wan me to shoot u?! hahas.. i think the style is really nice.. n ultra suitable for its storyline.. imagine bishonen.. bawk..~ no bishounen can carry a story this deep.. which makes ur skin crawl..... =X i mean the no. of deaths in the manga is like.. more than half of world's population? or wad? erms.. not v sure la..

imagine urself in a world where u cant trust anyone.. especially friend.. but every1 ard u has been brainwashed by friend.. so everywhere u turn is dangerous because no1 will believe u.. n you're branded a terrorist.. but the truth is.. u're the only one who knows the true nature of friend.. yet you dont know who is he?!!!

mind-gripping suspense.. (=

i'd give short summary.. basically about this guy kenji(cant rmb his full name) who suddenly received a letter from a fren from primary school.. which is a symbol they'd used in the past when the whole gang of frens played together.. while he tried to rmb what the symbol stands for(all of them seem to have lousy memory) the fren who sent him the symbol died.. it's one of the 1st few deaths in the book.. kenji finds out it has to do with one friend from when he is young.. only he dont know who.. he was then framed by friend to be a terrorist n have to flee his home n hide with his old mother n young niece underground.. friend plans to destroy the world n it's up to kenji n his childhood frens to save every1.. too bad they dont know who friend really is.. n played straight into his trap.......

the main chars look different.. can differentiate everyone.. hahas.. not onli hairstyle diff for some of them.. the face is diff.. hahas.. realistic(of cos wun wan story to become real la!).. n hor.. inuyahsa is not pretty boys manga either.. =X (just super disturbed that some1 called it u*** =.=)

the timeline of the manga spans 20yrs.. with the beginning at 1997.. then fast forward to 2000.. then 2014.. then 2017.. but there's alot of flashbacks to the time when kenji's young at 1970+.. Naoki Urasawa is a genius.. hehes.. hmmm lastly i wanna conclude with this.. music can really save the world! (=

now go watch pss2.. come back den cont with ye guang shen bei.. (=

ok.. rested for one day b4 continueing.. hehs..

for some reason(dunno wad).. i really like ye guang shen bei.. hahas.. the last time that 7pm show.. fairy in the chalice.. or smth la.. hahas.. very nice leh.. but v lil ppl watch i think.. din make up into the i-weekly telecast ratings even.. hahas.. nvm..

the story is abt this fairy who did smth wrong in heaven(nv look after the centipede demon properly) n got banished to earth n have to fulfil 3 wishes of 1000masters on earth.. but somehow she ended up with this zheng family.. indirectly caused the disappearance of zheng feng's wife n ended up taking care of his daughter, bao bao, who is her 945(?) master.. den after staying with them she fell in love with zheng feng n helped him fight with this evil guy(played by christopher lee).. when zheng feng's wife is dying she gave up her powers to revive her.....

so sad lo.. the ending.. although it's happy ending for the good chars in the show.. like zheng feng's family.. but the fairy disappeared.. sacrifice herself for that guy.. dunno y zheng feng so lucky can gain the love of 2 women.. hahas.. i love baobao.. she's v cuuuuutee.. the young actress did very well as adorable, mischievious yet clever n sensible baobao.. ^^ ohoh.. i partcularly love the story between qi cheng n his wife lizhi.. they all v cute too.. hehes.. n of cos i like the fairy alot too..

but some parts of the show(like alot of china adaptations).. got plenty of flaws n glitches.. if she's the fairy n can transform things right.. why she need to fight with a mere mortal? so weird.. n hor.. she can turn ppl into idiots.. just turn the evil guy into idiot can alr wad.. hahas.. very funny lo.. like a fairy still quite useless liddat.. =X dunno y i still v much prefer this show to the bao lian deng they showed last time.. that 1 was horrible.. must be due to the chars.. hehes

hahas.. boliao post.. holidays le too happy go crap abit abt my fave stuff.. (=

- i wanna slack n play n watch alot of stuff! hahas -

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heart blue w/ glitter 6:09 PM


looooooooooooooooooong time no blog.. the stupid damn exams finally over!! hurray!! wanted to post yest.. when it finally ended.. but..... some idiot guy dont let me.. =X

i'm feeling hungry!!! dunno y.. issit i eat too lil during dinner? hungry hungry.. ate lots of mashmallow also no use.. get more hungry even.. aiya.. hahas

just switched to blogger beta.. hahas.. bo liao.. see if it's better.. but dunno y need google acc.. blogger bought over by google ar? hmmm weird..

mashmallow v nice!! hahas.. i think i like them better than last time le..


i get pissed cos i always cant stand him n give him use the comp although everytime i said i will not.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. arghhhh..

hot hot hot.. feeling so hot now.. hmmm

i miss blogging.. i miss slacking(not that i'm not slacking furing exams period).. i miss not studying!! dun wanna talk abt my horrendous exams la.. think i gonna repeat half of them.. ir. math n phys.. imagine see the qn n not knowing a single 1 of them.. i really dun like math n phys ahhhhhhhhh.. =X

hmmm oh ya.. wad did i want to say? forget alr.. so long nv blog.. everytime think of interesting things den cant blog den now forget everything liao la.. hahahas.. so stupid..

today went watch happy feet.. so cute.. the penguins.. the show itself is quite ok also.. though nt v funny.. i still think the best animated film i watched this yr is "over the hedge".. it's really soooooo funny.. heh hehs


i'm gng to write about 20th century boys n ye guang shen bei for my next entry.. maybe much later in the week.. hehehes..

hungry!! groooooooooo

aiyo.. so happy.. hahahas

wad else i wanna say! argh cant rmb.. hahas.. so happy for the hols.. thinking abt the stuff i gng to do.. happy happy.. meeting up with ppl.. going have fun.. spend money(errr v broke!).. hehehes..

hungry! T.T

wadever it is.. as long as dui4 de qi3 zhi4 ji3.. den can liao.. hahas.. although live inside own world is like not v good.. but the thing is everyone is living in their small world wad.. i dont experience wad others experience neither do they experience mine.. hehes.. so must moderate la.. hahas..

still v hungry..

yay.. hols.. gng do so much stuff.. read manga.. catch up on shows.. animes.. go out.. erms.. if possible go work.. but hor.. v lazy.. =X heh hehs..

ok la.. gng to slp so wun hungry anymore.. tml gng out.. hehes

oh ya!!!!! i've got the abc concert tix le!! went collect today.. so suei.. at 1st go they say out of stock.. scared me to death.. i collect so damn long lo.. the tabs.. thanks to my daddy who helped me drink all the cans of beer.. if nv get den will dui bu qi him.. n my mom.. n myself.. n my sis.. n will be so sad! hahaas.. but now.. got alr!! happy happy..

- why do i feel hungry? if i dont think about those irritating stuff i feel so much better.. i dont care(tries to).. I DONT CARE! -

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heart blue w/ glitter 12:12 AM

Friday, November 10, 2006Y
i love tv!

one other thing 1st.. my comp dunno y got virus again.. ehh.. issit really dunno y? cos some idiot NV on the firewall mah.. got firewall dun wan use.. wth la.. then wil have virus come in lo.. although got virus scan.. but hor.. he keep wanting to reformat comp.. again!~ i very busy lo.. plus he also nv let me use the comp wad.. WAD AN IDIOT!! arghhhhhhhhhhh chicken mcnugget(tou1 xiao4-ing~) so how? hais.. den i tml gng out also.. shitty~ hope can burn on sun.. v scary if he reformat when i nt in.. hmmm

oh rite back to the topic.. hahaas.. nowadays i love tv sooo much.. much more than comp.. use comp till sian le? heh hehs.. from 7pm-11pm on mon n tues.. can just keep watching tv.. soo nice.. den from wed to fri.. 7pm to 12pm.. if i happy can watch longer.. hahas.. now tv got shows which i like alot..

7pm to 8pm:
ch8 fairy in the chalice.. hahas.. pardon me.. i dont watch goong.. but this show really nice lehh.. hahas.. the more i watch the nicer it gets.. storyline's abit cliche la.. fairy falling in love with motal.. n plenty of cliches.. like the normal bad guy.. etc.. hahas but usually i watch show.. if too long den at the middle i'd sian diao.. den onli read i-weekly for the synopsis n watch bits of epis.. but this show is one of the few the more i watch the more excited i get.. it's a v fun n cute show.. all the chars v cute.. i like the fairy.. the kid, baobao! her dad, zheng feng.. qicheng(he's sooo funny).. n lingzhi.. hate that chris lee char though.. HATE.. blehs.. today epi zf become idiot.. so sad den i dun feel like watching.. switched to goong but after that switch back.. although reminds me of ah wang show.. y they like to copy? hmmmpt.. n zf keep getting bullied.. but still the show's so funny i love it! theme song's nice too.. hehes

wah alot of nice variety shows.. mon i just watch ch 5 for "so u think u can dance?".. not bad.. den tues.. my fave variety show at the moment! hdb tai tai.. kym ng n chen liping.. so funny!! hahas.. now i know liao.. i LOVE funny shows.. hehe.. wed n thurs now got superstar!! hahas.. den fri the dunno wad shi fun man ren jian also not bad.. quite funny.. omg.. nv a time in the past there's so much shows i watching during this slot de.. like everyday.. omg.. NICE hehes

hmmm oh ya.. now is the ivy less show.. 1st time watch whole epi.. today.. still not bad.. but the thing with mdc drama.. tends to detioroaite(sp?) as epis go by.. ivy lee n chen han wei acting nt bad.. so nth to do at 9pm den watch lo.. hahas

best show in nov! hahas.. truimph in the skies. currently no1 i know(besides my fam) watching this.. alamak.. every1 else miss out leh.. gosh.. 1st 2 epis alr got me hooked.. epi 3 current best epi.. but onli 3 epis shown currently.. epi 3 is the funniest.. can laugh till stomachache.. hahas.. too bad if now start watch also missed it le.. sooooooooo funny.. gosh.. i recognised the song he played lo!! yao2 zu2 wu2 qu3.. hahahas it's so funny.. the theme song n ending song nicenice too!! gosh.. love the show at the moment only.. still need more epis to like the chars.. but i think the wu zheng yu's char v nice! hehes.. every1 watch! hehes

from wed to fri.. anime lo.. hahas inuyasha n get backers.. get backers is surprisingly funny.. nicee nice..

must go watch triumph in the skies.. *brake*

- hahas i love tv -

heart blue w/ glitter 8:55 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006Y
abit tired..

ahhh.. i'm addicted to 20th century boys.. y the heck they didnt continue subbing it? ehhhhh.. eng vers is easier to read.. yesshh.. n can just click next next n next without waiting for it to load.. makes it more exhilarating.. to keep reading n reading.. very high.. hahas.. (= so addictive i'm thinking about it as i slp.. i think i dreamt of it too.. =X hahas..

dont know wad i want to blog about.. manybe the gcma? hahas.. it was fun.. looking at the red carpet ceremony.. is abit hot.. n it ends so late.. all those artistes fault to come so late.. lol..

y the hell will any1's hse have waterfall? lol

hahas.. anyways.. back to the story.. abit difficult to cont.. esp it's so late le.. scared my mom wake.. but i wan read more.. but then talking with hy at the same time.. hahas.. ok back to it.. after the red carpet thing ends.. den go inside.. btw.. SHE very cute! very entertaining throughout the awards.. lol

den our seats are to the side of the stage.. not vvvvv close.. but close enough to be able to see the artistes sitting in front.. i keep observing them.. they like like to go backstage alot.. hahas.. 1 thing.. joey rong zuer.. is very talkative lo.. keep seeing her speak with alot of ppl.. the other hk artistes.. like twins ah jiao.. andy lau.. eason chan.. ce tian.. hahas.. than ella alot of dong4 zhuo4 below the stage also.. she always clap along with the song.. most of the times anyways.. when other ppl are singing.. hehes..

then jy like got speak to jinsha.. i dont like her.. so weird.. "bounce" here n there.. like the way she walk.. like "diong diong".. catwalking her way throughout.. find her quite act.. =X jy! pls dun get close with her! not good.. =X

hmmm.. wad else.. oh ya! SHE so cute.. when tank anf selina went up to get the awards for best duet.. du chang qing ge.. den selina jokingly say, "xie xie ni zhe me hen xin ba wo men SHE cai san".. hahas.. funny lo.. den when they sing the song.. ella n hebe keep showing thumbs up to them.. veryvery funny! XD den when go n take award for best group.. in the middle of the stage ella jumped.. followed by hebe.. den selina behind.. so cute lo.. dunno how to describe la.. hahas.. n their gan xie ci quite funny also.. though forgot le.. hmmm also.. at the end of the ceremony.. they asked all artistes go up the stage.. then the stage lots of those paper bits.. which they sprayed la.. den hebe so funny.. keep bending down to scoop them up n throw on selina.. hahas.. den when every1 disperse.. hebe n ella stayed back to "collect" the paper bits.. ella even go throw at andy lau when he go disturb her.. funny.. (=

20th century boys withdrawal syndrome! how can they end just like thisssss.. ahhhh!

didnt manage to complete this entry yesterday night.. so continue now.. elearning week is nice.. hahas.. hmmm wad else about gcma.. hmmm oh ya! when sun ho performed.. we v bad.. went toilet + buy drinks.. hahas.. den hor.. the toilet alot of ppl lo! but made us miss eason's 1st part of his performance also.. maybe they sing shorter vers of their songs.. dunno or the toilet queue really too long.. hahahas..

oh must say this.. whenever andy lau went up to collect award.. or perform.. it's like the whole stadium is screaming for him la.. esp towards the end of the concert.. got some ppl alr left b4 it ends.. but still it's like every1 is there to support him liddat.. the screams like wun stop even after he received the award n wan to say things.. hahas.. he look so happy lo.. then when we were queuing to go in that time.. saw some of his fc members.. aunties.. =X hahas.. but really la.. he's so nice.. amiable.. humorous.. gentlemanly.. n humble.. (= oh.. i took a pic of his fc members sitting across the indoor stadium..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
think can click for larger image.. me n tians find the "wo men de xin gan bao bei" quite funny.. XD

the award is v obviously fen zhu rou-ing leh.. got some awards like give to ppl whom i think dont deserve.. n wad's the purpose of giving best newcomer to 8ppl.. 4girls4guys.. every1 is best.. then no1 is.... =X gahhhs.. ALL the overseas artistes got at least 1 award.. think so.. if i'm not wrong.. pity the local singers.. abit sad.. onli yanzi n jj got more awards.. hope the rest get recognised more.. if not just wasting time sitting down there..

but all in all.. i find it very fun.. hehes.. if got money den must go more concerts.. I WANNA GO THE ABC CONCERT!!! quite disappointed mayday only come ashin.. so i WANNA GO THE ABC CONCERT.. T.T but so hard.. haiis.. but hor.. dec 15.. their new albuummmmm~ hehes..

hmmm almost 3 le.. nth to eat at home.. maybe i shld go buy food.. hahas.. yeahh.. maybe.. but so lazy..

- 1. should be studying.. 2. stop daydreaming.. 3.i nv wanted to save the world when i was young.. 4. getting hungry.. 5. i need a better ending for 20th century boys.. 6. ahhhhh! withdrawal syndrome.. 7. i want to go abc concert badly.. 8. good health to everyone.. 9. i need to study.. 10. motivation pls! just gimme one more vol of 20th century boys n a pair of tix to abc concert.. -

heart blue w/ glitter 12:08 AM