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Thursday, October 26, 2006Y
the prestige.. deathnote.. japan sinking..

wahh.. one week watched 3 movies.. hmmm nope it did not break my record.. i rmb the last time ard this no. too.. poseidon.. over the hedge.. MI3.. n wad else? hmmm ya last time think also 3.. but this time seems worse leh.. i'm terribly broke!! why the hell i watched so many movie for?! ard 1 movie a day.. mon, wed n thurs.. only "resting" on tues.. =.=

i wish to land in a gold mine tml

hmmm going to talk about this 3 movies... so i suggest.. those who havent watch at all.. to stay away!!! i.e. dun cont reading la.. i'd just put the prestige as the last part of this entry.. though it's the 1st movie i watched la.. but best is u dun expect anyth.. dun read any den go watch.. wahh super nice.. IMO.. (=

japan sinking..
went watch today with tian n lx.. hahas.. not bad eh.. quite touching at the end.. got cry abit.. was quite paiseh.. dun think got much ppl cry.. but who cares.. i'm emotional.. lol.. i think they emphasised too much on the 2 main chars' love story.. for 1.. i dont understand how come they love each other so much.. yi2 jian4 zhong1 qing2? but so weird.. cos it's about japan going to sink rite? then the 2 of them like got their story "blown up".. funny thing is.. when they "tan2 qing2 shuo1 ai4" ALOT of ppl went toilet.. hahas.. the computer grapics are exceptional.. gosh.. looks soooooooooooooooo damn real.. makes to movie all the more realistic.. imagine if it is a possibility that japan can sink? it's gonna be a situation more worse than war.. O.O other than being kind of draggy in the middle.. i think it's quite a nice show to watch.. even if only for the computer effects! heh hehs..

can be considered the most anticipated movie for alot of ppl.. all the hype.. hahas.. but going vivo is a wrong choice.. 1st of all.. not all the shops are open.. n it's damn big.. not to say will get lost.. but it's quite tiring to walk from 1 end to the other while u're feeling hungry.. lol.. end up smuggline sushi inside to eat.. i think the enjoyment of this movie for me is reduced due to 3 reasons(i think so).. 1st.. i'd watched the anime b4hand.. the movie ryuk n anime ryuk uses same seiyuu.. but somehow i think in the anime he sounded creepier.. hahas.. but i still think ryuk is cute(looking past his appearance of cos).. the whole anime atmosphere is better to imo.. so that cuts some point off the movie.. for me la.. 2nd.. i'm sitting at the 1st row in the theatre.. how can u enjoy the movie when the screen is so close to u? i mean.. the faces are huge! looming in front of u.. dont look normal-sized.. then u need to sit in weird positions trying to get the best well.. at the end of the movie the ur head will hurt.. hahas.. 3rd.. i'd watched the prestige b4hand.. ok la.. dunno if it's really a contributing factor or not.. not that sure.. but these 2 movies got some similar parts.. hmmm.. but still deathnote is still v enjoyable.. there're times i really gasp at light n L's ingenuity.. some parts which left me O.O omg-ing away.. hehes..

the prestige(warning.. dont read if havent watch but planning to..)
watched it on mon.. eve of public holiday.. which means EX tix.. but all i can say is.. it's worth the $9.50 i spent.. (= like i mentioned b4.. it's a lil bit similar to deathnote.. in the sense both movie shows 2 man "fighting" each other.. pitting their intelligence? mehhhs.. i think in terms of IQ.. light n L are cleverer.. but the fight between the 2 magicians is more brilliant.. i mean in DN.. they usually say out their plot.. so usually i'm impressed by their intelligence.. like omg how can ppl be so clever.. but in the prestige.. the ans are revealled in different parts and are so surprising.. it's like surprise after surprise.. after getting over the initial shock.. den reveal something more.. den shock again.. den rocover abit.. den shock again.. O.O till the very end.. but this show is as much of a fiction as DN is la.. so since u can watch shows with shinigami.. dun bash too much on the "ridiculous" stuff this show churn up.. absorb everything and u'll thoroughly enjoy the movie! one thing which intuiges me is.. which is the alfred who loves sarah n which is the 1 who loves olivia.. i think the one who love sarah is the more calm one out of the 2.. the other one is the more wild more hao4 sheng4.. hmmm.. n i dont get y that the other guy(forgot his name) cant just clone 1 of himself n den do the magic show.. wad's the point of killing himself time after time.. since both is essentially himself anyways.. stupid guy.. but still.. like this show alot.. sometimes stupid fights between stupid guys can be real exciting.. *winks*

hmmm.. mom woke up just now n scared me.. i jumped when she spoke behind me lo.. sooooo scary!!

EXAMS COMING!! quick quick run for your life!! hmmm i shld study alr.. enjoyed myself too much le.. n spent so much $$$$$!!! need eat instant noodles for next week.. =.=

- gambatte-ing for phy,matsci,ipc,math,lifesci quizes -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:51 PM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006Y
just wanna say..

i have a shit for a brother

just kidding.. =X

besides all these:
eating the most when the food is tasty(but hey everyone do that?)
being super greedy(well.. greedy is a nature of man)
selfish(do i have to elaborate on how absorbed he is with himself? *faints* but oh.. humans all tend to think of themselves 1st)
have zero respect for anyone(well.. he'll have plenty only if ignoring ppl n showing attitude means respect)
computer addict(oooops.. i'm shooting myself here)
attitude(being so full of himself even though he failed eng just cos he's top in math.. greaat)
who cares about math?!?! i DONT! lol
slump in front of the comp playing 3 different kinds of games everyday even though it's exams period(he said he studied outside.. who knows?)
respond to anyone with only "uh", "orh", "ya la", "wait"(he's in his own world! he hears but dont listen.. but oh.. i'm deaf to other ppl whe i use comp usually too =X)
not self-concious(i mean.. be a lil anxious at the lousy results he get?)
i'll add on if i can think of more(i'm sure there's more)

yeahh.. besides all that.. he's ok.. hmmmm yeahh.. i'm not trying to say i hate him or smth.. which i dont.. i dont have anyth for or against him.. just that.. maybe he should just try to think further.. oh ya i know i'm not in that good of a position to say this.. since i'm so lazy myself.. but.. maybe if he retain.. dont know.. maybe it's nothing to him.. but my parents are going to feel bad right? hmmm

forgot wad else i wanna say alr.. go pluck vege 1st~

- grandma must get well! -

heart blue w/ glitter 5:05 PM

Friday, October 13, 2006Y

alone at home.. =X

dessert pizza any1? dont know if it's called that.. but.. it's very very very very very very very nice! image if it's freshly made by chefs.. *drools* still cant get over it though i ate it like some days ago.. not v fresh.. n made by my sis.. hahas.. well if there's a possibility that it comes out in pizza hut.. go eat! lol.. but it's my own preference only la.. i know my bro didnt touch(happy cos i can eat 2 slices!).. XD ~strawberries, chocolate and almond slices~ hey.. but this combi should be nice on anyother stuff too! lol


tonight most likely will go m'sia.. my grandma is sick.. so most of us going back to see her.. granted.. i am not really close with her.. well basically we live our own lives n meet during newyear.. but when my mom said something like if she ****, i suddenly feel.. scared.. hmmm dont know how to describe.. like this person whom u've taken for grant who is always there may just go someday.. =X i dont like things which i dont know.. is there afterlife? are there really ghosts? in truth, i'm afraid of dying.. like just going back to the earth as nutrients? and eventually u'd disappear from everyone's mind.. there's nothing to proved that u'd existed......

should i do something which will grant me recognition even after my death(i wonder wad that thing will be).. or should i take it easy n live life as i want it.. enjoy myself leaving no regrets? regretably(ironic? lol), i think there are alr some things which i'd done which i feel regretful about.. well.. i'm only 19.. there's plenty of road to walk down in my life(comforting myself?).. it's kinda depressing to think like this.. hahas.. have to try and find out what i really want to do..

i was wondering.. if engineering is the choice for me.. i dont think i'm cut out for this job.. it seems.. very boring.. do i want to spend my life doing calculations on the stuctures i have to build? do i want to spend time lookin thru micrscope at the materials? i dont know!! T.T for someone who really hates math.. how am i going to go about managing all the complex calculations? it's scary to think that i'm going to work after uni.. how am i supposed to apply wad i'd learnt in lessons? maybe i'm still not that in depth into the course yet.. maybe.. some things just got to learn after u start working..

hmmmm.. i just got to discover these things by myself i guess.. still unclear about my directions.. but.. this is life.. if everyth happens according to wad i'd planned out.. it's not life anymore! XD

- grandma must get well! -

heart blue w/ glitter 1:14 PM

Thursday, October 05, 2006Y
a day

wahahas.. everytime i see something i'd immediately form the things i want to write on my blog.. but my poor memory dont allow me to rmb all things.. i'll try..

today i see pizza!! i mean.. eat.. or rather ate pizza for breakfast.. hahas.. weird right.. satay flavour.. which i assume will be new flavour to come out from pizza hut.. it's.. nice! XD even my sis says she like.. she eat like dunno how many pizzas alr.. there's only once she wan to eat the pizza she brought home.. that's pepperoni.. her fave.. but she seldom say any pizza is "very nice".. n she like it.. the satay 1.. n recommend us to keep the satay 1 n give away the curry 1 which she says is v hot.. as in spicy..

got satay meat.. den think got the peanut sauce.. with pineapples.. cheese.. sprinkled with chili, onions and cucumber(these can just take away la dun wan eat).. it's not spicy.. just nice.. yumms.. well rush down to the nearest pizza hut n eat it after it's out(or maybe it's out alr? lol).. XD

my house there alot of cats.. then yest i was thinking the ratio of cats to humans in the area.. then i saw lots of pigeons(scary).. den was thinking the same thing.. ratio of pigeons to cats.. hahas stupid..

oh ya.. i saw some ppl with this machine on a 3-legged stand.. ok la.. my vocab limited.. so cant describe.. but yest i also saw.. i mean i ssaw yest n this morn i also saw.. think is same ppl using.. me thinks they're using those machine to measure trees.. either height or age.. but i guess it's height.. dont dare to go close to see the meter.. cos the guy like lookin at me.. then got another worker standing at a v far place beside a tree.. they using his height to estimate the tree's height? but y the meter so lousy.. need place so far to measure the tree's height.. in the middle of the pavement.. block ppl lo.. lol

today keep falling aslp in math lect.. hahas.. cant help it.. but life sci i didn't.. even paid some attention.. hehs!

today so suay.. took a 198 double decker so i sat 2nd level.. when reach my stop wan go down.. think it's momentum/inertia.. so stupid i cant stop myself.. halfway down the steps.. then sort of crashed forward.. then to prevent myself from rolling down the stairs.. i jumped straight down when i was still some steps from the ground lvl.. lost hold of my file n it shattered.. that box file la.. it's lousy.. separate into 2 parts.. n i lost the blue thing to close the box de.. =.= so diu1 lian3! den i faster pick it up n rush down the bus.. hahas..

just now.. 97.2 got this song which is the libai's si1.. bed in front bright moon light that poem.. changed into a song.. keep repeat.. stupid soon.. =.=

oh ya.. i shld be gng.. gcma.. global chinese music awards.. =X lalala~

- any1 is: drinking ABC extra stout? listening to love97.2? buying sonyericsson @ starhub? going westmall shopping and spend 50bucks? -

heart blue w/ glitter 4:42 PM

Wednesday, October 04, 2006Y

ok.. i admit i was a teeny weeny little tiny bit disappointed when the lantern fest gathering i'm trying to organise failed.. hahas..

ok la.. in uni got alot of other stuff to conc on also.. n family gatherings were arranged 1st i guess.. hahas

i wanted to say so much but cannot rmb alot

oh ya.. had been watching forensic heros(tvb show) the past few days.. ended up nv do alot of my tut.. hahas.. i'm boliao n lazy! XD oh ya.. came into a conclusion.. here goes:
wan watch period comedy n police shows - watch hk/tvb shows
wan watch ou xiang ju - taiwan? hehs
wan romance(there's even teary ones n funny ones(i.e MNIKSS) to choose.. XD) - korean i guess
wan high sch dramedy - japan!
wan cheesy ridiculous lousy dialogues drama - sg!

wahahas.. i got low opinion of sg dramas.. dun bash me! hahas.. like family matters showing now.. =.= but they v lihai in the way they can create really stupid irritating chars which i really hate! sugoii! =X tvb really v lihai in creating police shows! push! hehs.. really jie4 shao4 the guo4 cheng2.. the dramas they make actually gives an insight on how the police does things.. erms.. unlike our dear sg dramas? ehhh hahas..

but ok la.. think they got make nice dramas b4 also.. some also quite watchable.. i think last time always watch sg dramas.. the older ones like nicer? or my standards last time v low? hahahas.. i dont watch ou xiang ju.. but think tw's ou xiang ju standard not bad bahh.. the ou xiang may nt act v well.. but combine with comedy.. watchable.. then korean shows.. wah MNIKSS changed my opinion of them hahas.. mini series romance comedies.. think will watch if got time(not too free atm)..

high sch dramedy from japan roxxors! wahahas.. yeah.. i totally agree.. japan is pro in making high sch dramas..

cut in awhile.. i love mayday's jiu hao qiu! hahas.. just now listen.. so nice.. XD

oh ya back to topic.. ok la.. nv watch much jap dramas.. but most of them i watched are high sch dramas.. although such dramas are sometimes cliche.. but they still film till so nice.. XD

it's so nice to be young.. i hate to be old.. issit in uni le den is considered to have crossed the line n into the adult world le? i dun wanna.. *whines* i'm an adult with a child mind.. lol.. my msn last time i got put qing1 chun1 wan4 sui4.. idiot cousin say i act young.. old alr.. not qing1 chun1 anymore.. =.= ok lo.. i know.. but.. i'm a student still right? can i retain some of the "youthness".. can i crossover to "the other world"(as in the adult world! ok? not erms.. that world.. dun xiang wai wai) after i graduate? i still wanna enjoy being "young".. lol

i want to sing mayday's songs loudly.. n have the courage to move on! (=

i wish there is 70hrs a day.. for ym.. (= i wish i can strike lottery.. n buy everyth i want in the world.. i wish.. to have a more interesting life.. i wish.. that ppl ard me will me happy.. n that i am the one who help to contribute to this happiness.. hahas.. so childish.. as if things will come true if i wish for it..

- i.. may not exist in your life..
but.. u exist in mine..
if one day you walk away from my life..
i would not hold on to you..
but.. i will remember the footsteps you left.. -

heart blue w/ glitter 6:29 PM

Sunday, October 01, 2006Y

this sux.. i've no idea y my internet loads so slow.. =.= 1 page takes like hundreds of minutes.. very SLOW! grrr

well.. went to pasir ris park yest.. to cycle.. but it rained!! hahas.. all wet when we returned to the bicycle stall.. didn't cycle much too.. since we stopped to do alot of stuff.. but it was fun.. i was surprised how fun it was yesterday.. XD

it was fun to catch up with ppl i havent seen in ages.. to talk crap.. to laugh crazily.. it was fun to cycle(havent exercised in ages).. it was fun to cylce in the rain.. hahas.. very cold.. my hair was in my face.. it was fun to ride into the maze.. it was fun to play with swings.. it was fun sleeping on the train(lol).. it was fun going to party world for the 1st time.. it was fun singing(hahas.. screeching).. well.. it's fun having fun with them.. (=

but as usual.. i got to be v dao mei.. my slipper's strap had to break while i was in the maze.. =.= then i discaded the slipper inside the maze cos it was too hard to cling onto it n cycle.. hahahas.. then one foot was barefooted as i cycle back to the bicycle rental show.. lol.. they had to buy a new pair of slippers for me.. XP

pasir ris park is very far! =.= havent finish my work.. awwwwwww well... it's nice to relax n have fun once in a while? mehhhs.. =.=

- i have no feelings for that pair of slippers.. they were old anyways.. -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:41 AM