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Sunday, June 18, 2006Y

it's 2.09am... ask me y i haven slp.. ask ask.. ask me!! hoho.. =X cos my mom went m'sia.. ooops.. i soooo bad rebellous when she nt in... hehhs.. gng slp after this entry.. dunno y now nt tired.. just now 12+ that time watchin tv then dozin off.. =X

OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY HATE WORK!! gt nth to do de lo.. it's boring filing stuf.. n EVEN MORE boring if u're PRETENDING to file things.. realii realli nth to do.. n it doesnt help that i'm still so super introvert when i'd worked for like more than 2 weeks le.. sian!! 2 more weeks to go.. veryveryveryveryvery SIAN!! T.T v devastating.. i hate work!!

havent been watch anime recently.. i'm busy with other stuff la.. =X

i watched R.V today!!! not river valley hor!! it's runaway vacation.. sooooooooooooooooooooo SUPER funny!!! nv laugh so much for ages le!! uber funny!! crappy n funny.. hahas.. n i love it.. a realli great show.. mix comedy with other more impt things like family n frenship.. totally worth the $9.50 i spent today... but.. y weekends soooooooo super EX!! i wanna complain.. =X hehes..

wuyuetianwuyuetianwuyuetianwuyuetian *chants* hahas.. start practicing now.. learning their taiyu songs now... hahas abit last min.. so funny.. cos i listen soo long nv go learn.. just listen shuang shuang can liao.. wahahas.. 35 days~ lalalalalaaaaa.. =D

gng slp le.. nth to blog abt except abt stupid boring work which i can just describe in a sentence.. today is sat but nth interestin also.. then.. rant abt mayday.. hahas.. =D

- 我一生唯一的希望 要給你快樂 好或不好 -

heart blue w/ glitter 2:11 AM

Sunday, June 11, 2006Y
oh no!!!! it's sunday!!

hmmmm gosh.. time passes soooooooooo quickly.. my weekend GONE just liddat!!! omg.. T.T i'm soooo terribly upset as i think of tml.. work! =(

haiis.. soooo terribly depressed at the thought of work.. ok.. another 3 more weeks to freedom.. though i havent exactly told the person i'd be leaving after 1 month onli.. but sooner or later la.. if i find my mouth.. it's usually lost somewhere when i'm in that office.. nt that the ppl nt nice or wad.. it's me i guess.. hen3 nan2 kai1 kou3.. =.=

went back to m'sia on sat to attend cousin's wedding.. hmmm nt v close with her.. but i gt nth to do so go see see lo.. hahas sound so bad.. anyways.. onli attended the banquet.. food's nt bad.. realli.. BUT i'd enjoy it MUCH more IF there's no insect dropping all over the table!! ewwww rite? cos they hold the banquet at openspace.. a basketball court or smth.. then alot of insects flying onto the table.. the drinks.. MY drink!! trice! somemore.. =.= *pukes* dun wan talk any further.. hahas..

cos onli me n my parents went back.. so i got the whole backseat of the car to myself.. soooo nice.. i can lie down n slp.. or prop my legs up.. spent the gng jouney reading manga.. hahas.. soooo nice.. brought back 3 books to read.. all v nice.. 3 diff manga la.. hahas..

i <3 tamaki!!! goshh realli realli love his personality.. =D he's soooooo nice..... shld i start a fanclub too? hahas.. =X no la.. =X =X but hey.. i realli think he's similar to morita.. =X oooh.. ouran finally gt some storyline.... or shld i say.. maybe it finally did more backgrd introduction..

i LOVE mayday..



i find myself v unrealistic to say i love this n that.. =X hahas.. who cares.. =P

- never -

heart blue w/ glitter 2:59 PM

Friday, June 09, 2006Y
finally it's friday!!

yeahhh!! finally.. gosh work is almost unbearable.. =X maybe is me onli la.. maybe i cant adapt well.. aiya dunno n dun care.. lookin forward to the end of the month.. then i will gooooooooo~ =P

i wanna go mayday's final final home!!!! blehhhs.. =X dunno how i'm gng to get the tics though.. haiis.. i wann go overseas........ can anot.. go taiwan to watch the show.. can can? hmmm v fan2 nao3.. T.T

i'm crazy de la.. realli think so... like alot of stuff i realli need.. clothes n shoe etc.. i dun like spending much for them.. then this is crazy gng fly there for mayday.. =X totally shld get my priorities correct.. but so crazy!! goosh.. my brain says i'm crazy.. but my heart wans me to gooo!!~ blehhs =X

but hey.. since i'm def gng on holiday.. so go TW lo.. shld be quite fun also.. hahas..

work is realli horrible.. let me desc abit la.. mon i go there.. sort files.. pack pack stuff.. tues do abt the same stuff.. wed also.. thurs also.. alot of things to file lehh!! my table soooooooooo super messy.. T.T den hor.. today gt to use excel.. onli to do copy n paste la.. easy stuff.. hahas.. but i think i do abit slow.. no wait.. my comp is SUPER laggy lo.. so not my fault ok??!?! den hor when i gng complete.. den the whole thing shut down lo.. then need REDO!! =.= den comp too slow.. dun wan close.. den i just run off cos i scared bus runaway.. =X heeex

wahhhhhh 12+am le.. n i haven done anyth that i wanted to doooooo!! omg.. sian.. tml go m'sia.. cant use comp.. cant dl.. plus the things i dl-ed cant watch fin!!! blehh =X

- to be continued -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:31 PM

Thursday, June 01, 2006Y
1st day of work at new place

blehh.. feeling hungry now.. hahas..

ok.. today i wake up at 7.. then i heed my mom's advise.. n went out early.. guess wad?!?! instead of reaching at 8.45 or b4 9am.. i reached b4 8.39am!!! then i paiseh dun wan call her person 1st.. so i wait at the bus stop.. feel so stupid.. since another 2/3 buses passed me b4 i finally go to the place.. which is obviously just opposite the bus stop is was at n i dunno cos no sign in my direction!! =.= hmmm then it was raining somemore.. luckily died down b4 i go..

hahas.. was so bored i read ouran at the bus stop.. think ppl who saw me will think i'm realli weird.. ouran bk 4 vvvv in front part.. but sooooooooo funny!! hahas.. haruhi's dad is soooooooooooo funny!! hahahas..

ooh.. then i went in the place.. then she told me to wait at the recept where i filled out an employment form.. hmmm.. then being the blur person i am.. i din see the it got a final last page!! reminds me of the time i missed out the last page of the phy o lvls prac exam.. sooooo.. stupid.. onli realise when i go up that time.. then.. go up.. the person like ask me some stuff.. then tell me some stuff about the company n such.. then she went out to get the bus schedule that time i kope her pen n fill up the last pg.. hahahas!!

hmmm then... after that she come back n talk talk somemore.. then go intro me to the ppl i working with la.. my suporvisor n 2 other guys.. ehh my qian2 bei4S.. lol.. basically the office is quite big.. think is bigger than my prev working place(shant say the name =D) but the "cubicles" is smaller.. n is not block everyth.. is gt those wall like thingy ard each table but is not high la.. can just turn n talk.. just like a sitting tgt like that..

hmmm tehn my 1st task there.. is help the person in charge of me photocopy some stuff... quite alot leh.. den i so blur also.. so watse quite some time.. hahahas.. anyway i think they hire me sort of assist him do those za2 wu4.. lol.. then their photocopy machine is those canon 1 la.. but is older kuan3 shi4 tan prev workplace de(D).. since i think i'd refer to prev work alot of times so call it D la.. wahaha..

then hor.. my department gt own photocopy machine.. then still have password de!! then hor he demo for me see.. how to type the password.. then tell me the password la.. then hor.. tell me how to photocopy then leave me there.. but being stupid.. i mean me la.. i onli catch the part how to key in the password i dunno press wad is input.. like dunno how to "enter" la.. wahahas.. so funny.. den i v paiseh n go out to ask him.. n he sit quite far from the rm actually..

den tsk tsk.. is the most suay part la.. cos i photocopy the thing.. then gt some extra paper.. i put on top of the photocopier.. the thing which i need to lift up to put paper to scan de la.. then hor i lift up the thing forgot abt those papers on top.. then they slide down into the small hole between the wall n the photocopy machine.. SO STUPID!!! then i v paiseh.. cos need to go take the paper la.. then the door of the rm is open la.. ppl can see mah.. sooooooooo stupid.. hahas..

then is quite hard to get the paper.. cos it's stuck down there.. n gt things blocking my way.. but i managed to "fish" out one piece.. then i decide to cont copying till later then try take the other piece.. n being the super blur n stupid person i am.. this time i left the stapler on top of the thing.. then it drop till so loud!!! omg.. so super paiseh.. n i NEED that stapler to do my stuff.. no choice need take.. then stretch n managed to take out the paper i dropped previously n the stapler.. then when i taking stapler that time gt a person come in la.. the repair the photocopy machine person.. sooooo paiseh cos he was saying "u can take ar?" =X

anyways i find that replair the photocopy machine person look familiar.. dunno is because he gt go D repair b4?? hahas.. if onli ym is there.. when i working today.. i REALLI missed the old times where ym is sitting beside me n we can talk talk.. me so lonely la.. my section there onli have those guys.. although sometimes the things they talk quite funny.. hahas.. but they usually not talking to me n i just do my filing etc.. =.=

hmmm.. the person i helping.. is quite good la.. cos he attempt to teach me stuff.. about those accounting stuff la.. i nv learn b4 de mah.. but actualli i dun think i gt absorb much la.. shld let ym n kq come.. since they gng to be future accountants mahh.. hahas.. anyways.. i find acc.. realli dun need math good de.. since.. there's the calculator!!! onli need v xiao xin n dun cal wrongly.. i think they quite poor thing lehh need count those lan4 zhang4.. n i think my department is in charge of those kind the company staff claim back money kind.. haha.. if any1 gets wad i'm saying.. lol

hahas.. i find the company takes really good care of our welfare.. as compare to D esp.. hahahas.. cos hor.. they actualli stock up the office with food n beverages!! gt julie biscuits.. then gt ALL sorts or drinks.. coffee 3 in 1.. no sugar.. milo.. etc etc.. sooooooooo much nice compared to D ok?! hahas..

another thing is... though there no canteen.. gt a coffee shop just next to the place.. waolao the food there is like 100 times better than the erxin za cai fan at D.. gt MUCh more choices.. wahahhas.. gomen.. keep comparing there n D.. hahas..

acc not easy nehhs.. esp filing.. waolao.. i sent like more than half an hr taking out.. the green binding string thingy from this one HUGE stack of inv.. cos i need file it in a ring file.. that 1 thing use up an entire file.. till gng burst liao.. haas..

oooh.. think alot of malaysians there.. n alot of ppl speak chinese.. =D

here it is.. my thoughts abt my 1st day of work.. hope tml will be more fun..

- hungry -

heart blue w/ glitter 6:36 PM