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Friday, October 28, 2005Y

long time no post.. =.= but just wanna say someth.. turns out otkau doesn't really mean anime fan.. it can be quite negative in meaning.. nono i wanna be anime fan forever n not otaku forever.. hahaha so lame.. but indeed i must be some sort of social defect who spends most of my time in front of the comp.. ooooooooh heck.. i hate myself.. i shld get my lazy bum up n start doing someth constructive now.. hmmpt.. tired

anyways.. i love hana yori dango.. new jdrama.. v nice!! hahas.. actually is adapted from manga 1.. hmmmm meteor garden also adapted from this manga.. i nv really watched meteor garden but still i love the jap version LOTS!! hehhhs.. seems like densha otoko is a nice show also.. haiis.. but no time n no space in comp also.. wait till after A's bahh.. omg.. besides anime i'm turning into jdrama freak.. help~ i dun wanna be an otaku! -.- contradicting myself with my previous post.. ok.. fine.. blehs.. gotta go slp le.. T.T

heart blue w/ glitter 12:28 AM

Tuesday, October 04, 2005Y
one three one

i've been blogging a little too much.. see la.. the past few days also have my entries.. wad la.. i bored mahhs.. shld be studying but.. hais.. -.-

updated the links page.. been brosing thru deviantart recently.. found some great artistes.. but hor.. lazy to put all up la.. just saved in my favourites can le.. but the 3 i added really is my fave la.. hahas.. ^^

celesse draws nice inuyasha!! hehhs

tians bought zhi1 zu2 le.. yeahh.. can listen to them.. wahahhaa.. she ask me if i wanna go their autograph session this sun.. aiya i super indecisive 1 lor.. so hors.. see how 1st la.. sure v chaotic 1.. hahas..

hmmm 4+ more weeks to A's.. still i'm using too much comp.. shld stop la.. but i cant help myself.. i see the comp on den must come online.. maybe i shld just stick to what i'd been telling myself.. come.. go dl.. den go study.. dl fin.. go click again.. den go study.. xcept.. i keep doing other stuff.. useless stuff.. -.-

i've been wondering to myself.. if my interest in anime is waning(sp?).. since i come online just to go forums.. i don't even watch as much anime as those ppl i see online.. i mean on the forums la.. i'm such a noob.. i'm thinking.. is it that i wanna "catch up" with them that i keep coming n dl.. since i'm not watching anyways.. so is it that i lost interest in anime le?? hais.. i'm not sure abt it myself.. but hors.. me ar.. always excited abt things den afew weeks later not as crazy as b4 liao.. nonono!! i don't want to be like that.. i wanna stay an otaku forever! sians..

i'm getting paranoid at nights.. always cannot slp at night.. dunno why.. then keep thinking abt my lousy results.. esp math.. i really dunno a thing liao.. now dunno how to start revising.. help~

sians dl speed still v slow.. v tiring looking at the slow speeds.. really tiring.. i'm tired of this.. really tired.. yawns~ tired..

sun yanzi new song is weird.. but still not bad la.. hahahas.. abit of shen2 qi2's shadow.. ^^

-make my day-

heart blue w/ glitter 4:54 PM

Monday, October 03, 2005Y

so yeahh.. i'm v stupid.. but i still ying4 ying4 want to take 4 subs.. den i like to fail my math alot.. i'm one of the lousy students.. or can say most lousy liao.. lazy also.. so yeahh i should have taken ur advice n drop.. so u're not forcing in any case.. so it's too late to drop liao.. so u're predicting i'm gonna fail for a lvls.. cos i took too many things than i could handle.. fine.. i'm stupid, stubbon n entirely overestimating my own capabilities.. -.-

tell me what should i do.. don't talk to me in the 1st place.. i don't want to hear u belittling me.. y? i hate myself.. -.-

heart blue w/ glitter 2:55 PM

Sunday, October 02, 2005Y

the problem still not solved lehhs.. wad the.. i'm stuck with this ugly looking "create post" page.. look to my previous post if u dun understand.. got post the pics there.. so ugly.. sians

i wanted to go some place.. some webby.. then i cannot rmb which.. ... i should stop using computer this much.. it's decaying my brain.. haven done anyth since i return home yest.. -.- sians.. went to study with ym n jj.. ended up only doin 1 1/2 qn of trigo.. we got chased away from lib(dun get me wrong.. they have some staff functions n closed at 3pm).. went bbatok mac got chased away again.. ended up in a void deck.. -.-

my dl speed is not slow.. it's very slow.. u tell me la.. where got ppl dl 1 epi need more than 4hrs 1? from ddl somemore.. thought slow speeds are usually coupled with torrents.. which i'm tempted to get.. bittorrent client i mean.. i know alot of ppl reccommend bitcomet which pot's using now.. but aiya i dunno also la.. scared my bro scold me for dl-ing so much stuff.. hais..

i wanna watch naruto epi 153!! got rock leee.. HAHA! yepyepps.. n wanna burn cd.. but scare will make comp too slow will affect dl speed.. later it die at below 100% have to dl once more i die..

sians.. pls teach me math..

-i don't want to go to school-

heart blue w/ glitter 4:21 PM