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Thursday, December 27, 2007Y
pics dump!

pot snaking in library so i teaching her a lesson.. wahahahs

but see what she does to hardworking me.. hummmf!
though the lighting for this pic is quite unique......

nownow.. this is the riddle of the day.. anyone can guess wad it is? i will ans at the bottom of this entry.. ha

i really like this photo.. like the prettiest i've ever taken.. n i dun rmb i took it even.. hahas.. anyways the red flowers are form a book.. den the white one is a flower made from paper..

poiful.. is a nice jellybean sweet.. hehe

cute toes? haha

this is midori-usagi chan! hehe

these are rabbits.. cute? hahas i can make but i dun have the bighead colourful pins

me n tian.. ha

again.. lol

ans to the riddle:
that's wad u get if u use a hair dryer to dry ur bra.. wahhahas... though i recommend those who think their bra too plain to try.. hahas.. can use diff types of hair dryer to get diff patterns.. LOL

oh yeah.. my stupid bigky is always v funny.. it's so great she came back from aust.. ^^

- photos long forgotten -

heart blue w/ glitter 7:09 PM

suddenly feel like blogging

seems to have alot of feelings which r inside me.. cant describe and i don't think i have anyth which i can put into words.. but just suddenly feel like blogging..

so weird.. like i have alot things i want to say but it's too messy i cant really say.. hahas.. well i wonder if there's anyone like me.. having too many thoughts at the same time that you don't know wad to say?

sometimes i really hate my life.. 20yrs of accomplishing nothing.. if it's possible.. perhaps i wanna start all over again.. n do the things which i skipped through in my life.. however that's not possible.. n there're also things now which i don't think i want to give up n go back to start all over.. maybe i don't have a really perfect life(which i think is my uttermost desire).. i think no one can really have the life of their dreams right.. to make the most out of your life.. i wonder if it's too late to start now.. still i lack the courage.. well.. i wish i'm not so dissatisfied with the life i have now.. perhaps it's wrong to yearn for the things which others have?

sometimes i look at the people around me.. i spot some similarities.. n yet.. there's alot of differences.. no one can live the same life right? wow so many rhetorical qns.. hahas.. everyone have their own share of problems.. well i'm glad that all these qns n feelings only pop out once in a blue moon.. if not i think i'd have a terrible life thinking about all the qns which cant seemed to be answered..

i think perhaps i have not much of an ambition.. most of the time i just wish for things to happen like there's a miracle.. hahas.. cheating.. perhaps i need more effort.. but then again.. is effort alone itself enough?

oh ya.. the iweekly horoscope ask me to open my heart/mind.. hahas.. i think writing about these stuff lightens the load?

this seems like an ultra messy n incomprehensible entry to me.. hahas but no need to ask me not to think too much because i'd just forget everything after posting this entry.. i guess it's a weird characteristic of mine.. whining about life n forgetting about it right afterwards.. i do intend to live longer then now.. who knows what lies in the future right? heh heh i think it still looks pretty positive to me at the moment(though tml exam results out so maybe my future is bleak?)..

ok on to a more cheerful entry!! (=

- yay i feel much better alr -

heart blue w/ glitter 6:47 PM

Saturday, December 15, 2007Y
i love reading mangas!

the reason why i haven't been blogging? cos i'm manga-ing.. heh hehs..

i wish no1 read this entry n missed my previous entry.. skip this boring one nvm.. later when i have time i'd make post with picces.. heh hehs

i think my comp should be crashing soon.. it suddenly shut down n restart when i was writing this post.. luckily blogger now will auto save the entry.. hahas n i haven started much..

really read alot of mangas(imo) the past few months.. i think this will be a boring entry.. so skip it if you feel like.. cos i'd be talking about these mangas! lala hhahaha

666satan: the mangaka is the twin brother of naruto's mangaka.. so the drawing is abit alike.. hahas though i wouldn't have noticed that if the mangaka had not said in his 1st chapter of the series.. but you know.. i don't really care about art(like real).. n only sees the storyline.. which is why i nv notice the similarities.. hahas.. a nice consolation rather than admitting i have stamps over my eyes.. actually the story's a lil similar too.. but unlike naruto.. it's near the ending alr.. the series would be wrapping up in one or two chaps i guess..

i like reading mangas which had completed.. or nearing completion.. if not have to wait every week for new chapter.. actually spoils the momentum i had when i started readin the manga.. since feelings built up when reading the previous chapters will be diminished by having to wait.. well it's like that for me at least.. n speakin of naruto.. this week's chap is sad!! )=

cross game: baseball manga.. which i picked up after i read Major.. hmmm.. but actually it's less of baseball and more of.. relationships.. the art is very unique.. i think i'd notice the artwork of the mangaka even i have layers of stamps over my eyes.. hahas

fairy tail: initially i read this manga cos i read dunno where that it's similar to one piece.. in terms of art n adventure.. how wrong!! hahas.. the art is prettier.. definitely.. one piece's art is more.. how to say.. hmmm unique(esp the earlier chaps i guess.. those long foreheads).. oh but it's quite interesting la.. about a magical world.. esp the more recent chaps(v exciting battles).. but.. now have to wait every week for new chap so i abit sian alr.. haha

high school of the dead: hmmm.. scary manga i think.. very ewww.. imagine urself surrounded by zombies whom all tries to eat you.. n once bitten.. u become a zombie too.. kinda ridiculous storyline.. n v few chaps out now.. but i think it won't fall under the kind of mangas i really like.. hahas

hikaru no go: the manga i just finish yest!! yeah! n i love completed mangas.. well even if i don't get the ending.. which is so haiis.. anyways.. i love this manga.. wahahas.. the person who drew it is the one who drew deathnote.. n towards the end of the manga.. got this char who reminds me of Light.. hahas.. as in the drawing not the char.. no bad guys in this manga.. not really.. and i don't think i'd read deathnote.. hahas.. hmmm HnG has quite a few funny parts which made me laugh out loud.. wished they'd cont the story more.. n that Sai won't disappear!!! my fave char.. T.T i think that.. my liking of a manga increases whenever that's a char i love in the series.. hahas

hoshi wa utau: new manga from the mangaka of fruits basket!! the chars looks like they're from FB also.. hahas.. hey another manga which my eyes nv tia stamp.. lol.. very complicated chars again.. hmmm i think i'd be continuing this though have to wait for the chaps.. )=

hunter X hunter: now on hiatus.. i think the mangaka's sick or something.. sad.. cos it's now at the exciting part!! a brea b4 the big battle? hahas.. oh ya.. i have a fave char in this manga too.. killua.. kind of a tragic char.. i think.. but this manga have a lot of lighthearted moments.. n quite funny most of the time.. though in the chimera ant arc.. the art is veryvery sloppish.. like u can just make out who's the char.. i miss the pretty art.. hope the mangaka recovers.. hmmm oh ya.. this chimera arc made me feel like vomiting.. maybe the idea of ants eating people makes it really ewww(maybe i'm guilty cos i always kill ants? haha).. i find it much more ewww than high sch of the dead.. maybe cos the zombies are alr dead people.. while the ants have consciousness..

major: almost forgot about this.. cos i read this in chi website.. bang4 qiu2 da4 lian2 meng2.. if anyone is interested.. hahas.. i rmb last time i said i don't like sports genre kind of manga.. but.. actually now i like.. n like it alot.. esp about baseball.. i think it's a really nice game.. wahahas.. i'm easily influenced i guess.. oh ya.. it's the mnaga which makes me cry the most.. hahas i'm a sentimental person.. LOL.. oh ya i went to readbowling king after this series.. kq said it was funny.. but.. the art puts me off.. i wonder.. i tot she's more particular about pretty art than me.. hahas

monster: same mangaka as 20th century boys.. erms.. i think monster has more handsome chars as compared to 20th century boys.. hahas.. kq u can read.. u cant stand 20th century boys cos of the ugly chars right? monster's char more pretty.. wahahas.. the plot's less deep than 20th century boys.. but there's some similarities.. like the main char was accused of the things he didn't do and was on the run.. monster had a better ending too(though i couldn't get it again haha).. but i had to keep fighting the urge to jump straight to the last chap n see the ending.. hahas.. i controlled it in the end n finished the series..

power: girl disguised as boy to join the basketball team.. ehh reminds me of hanakime(though i didn't read that).. hahas.. only 30+ chaps.. good enough for a short read..

pretty face: 50+ chaps only.. can read if you have some time.. but not alot.. hahas.. oh about a boy turned into girl.. hey opp of hanakimi n power.. interesting right? hahas.. i think the ending is quite nice.. n it's funny.. (=

tenshi nanka ja nai: by same mangaka as NANA! n is the series i cant believe i had stamps over my eyes.. i was thinking y the person also drew sweat drops in the middle of the chars' forehead.. i though the person copied NANA's mangaka.. till i saw the name of the author.. same person! gosh.. hahas den i start to see alot of similarities in the art.. hahas.. so stupid.. a much earlier work of the mangaka before NANA was born.. and it's a completed series.. so can read till the very end.. very nice!! basically about the sch life n romantic life of the main char.. kinda more light hearted than NANA.. i like it..

you're my girlfriend: ehh.. only 4 chaps.. i think i had nth better to do so i go read.. but it's completed alr.. a manga with only 4chaps.. hahas interesting..

yu yu hakusho: same mangaka as hunter X hunter.. but i think i like hXh better.. oh ya.. one thing i want to mention.. he likes to draw botak ninjas.. n the power in both series resembles each other.. hahas.. only the premise is diff.. hXh happens in some weird world.. this one is in real world.. hmmm it's about a guy who is a spirit detective who battles demons la.. i didn't finish it even though it's completed.. hahas.. initially wanna read cos i tot there's a char who looks like inuyasha.. with the white hair n ears.. but i cant find.. now that i think about it.. there's a demon who has white hair n ears hor.. ehh.. aiya heck..

zippy ziggy: korean manhwa.. quite funny i think.. but only 3chaps scannlated.. the main char is a disgusting guy who pretends to be a super nice guy but is actually v selfish n ugly inside.. hahas.. the art.. sometimes it's nice.. sometimes.. very weird.. ugly i think.. cannot describe..

hmmm long post.. congrats to you if u read till here.. but like i'd said in front.. ask you don't read alr wad.. i just wanna write a post about these mangas i read.. hahas.. but i nv include naruto, bleach, oofuri, claymore, one piece and dragonball.. hahas cos i forgot when i started reading them.. n some is cos i read only a few chaps..

alright.. i'm going lunch le.. hehe

- recommend some mangas to me? -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:15 AM

a tribute to yang lao shi

went to RI''s CO concert yest which was a tribute to yang lao shi who passed away in july this yr..

meant to write this entry after i reached home yest.. but didn't have the chance.. so it's better late than never i guess..

yang lao shi is the conductor i had while i was still in SACO.. frankly speaking i wasn't close to him or wad.. but i rmb he's really a nice person.. like wad the RI concert program booklet wrote, he's always smiling, nv angry, he2 ai2 ke3 qing1.. i still rmb he used to call all of us.. xiao peng you.. i always laugh when he call us that.. sounds so funny.. but i really think he's cute..

if you ask me last time if i hated CO.. i might say yes.. but now that i think back.. it may not necessarily be true.. i think although rvco might not be the most pleasant place i'd been.. but i still pride myself that i was part of it though i had not helped them win the syf gold.. n i like being on stage.. performing.. heh hehs.. though i think if i have a choice i most likely wouldn't choose to be in erhu again.. hmmm n that person.. maybe even if i don't hate him or stop disliking him.. i would nv like him.. hahas

in saco.. i really enjoyed the practices.. the da4 zu3.. although i wasn't paying much attention to our conductor last time.. usually self entertaining.. or playing around(maybe that's wad made it fun).. hahas.. had rvco made the practices enjoyable.. maybe i'd like it more.. haha

well wanted to talk about yang lao shi ended up talking about myself.. hmmm that concert made me think alot of things i guessed.. my memories in CO.. be it bad or good.. i think i won't regret joining it.. hahas.. big words.. hope i don't take it back next time..

hmmm i was reminded of a quote yest night(though i cant rmb the exact words of this quote)..

it's something like this:

when is it that people die?
is it when u explode by swallowing explosives?
is it when you suffer from a fatal disease?
or is it when u drink medicine made from poisonous mushrooms?
you only die when you are forgotten..

yang lao shi.. i'll nv forget you.. ok.. i would not always think of you.. but i think whenever i see CO i'd think a lil about you i guess.. (=

- rest in peace -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:49 AM