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Saturday, July 28, 2007Y
last day at work

i'm writing this b4 my actual last day.. but think will only post it after my chalet..

thinking about alot of things.. but don't know wad to say yet..

this job i had is the most fun one i think(though i only had 3jobs.. 4 if u count the sg pools that one which i didn't get any $$).. really there's nth to be learnt from this job.. since it's such a brainless job n most of the time we're just sitting ard doing nothing..

but.. that poopoo.. wrote such a touching letter to me.. gave me on friday.. made me cry la!! piggish.. hahas..

i really think that this job let me know alot of people.. people whom i'd nv get the chance to know if i nv go there to work.. and i'm really really super glad that i'm one of the 3 who got chosen to stay till now(got to thank boss lucy that my name got picked from that "lucky draw").. got to know the other 3 stayed with me much better.. esp poopoo.. she's like always so happy.. i think she's the happiest person i've ever known.. of cos there're days that she look abit sad sad.. esp thurs! hahas.. but she's the only one i know who can really be happy from the time she wake up till the time she go slp.. like one WHOLE day..

it's been a really great experience at work.. not because of the things we do.. but because of the people i became frens with.. right now i really cant think of any scenario which we can be like that doing something together.. makes me feel rather sad.. i think for me right.. it's really hard to adapt to changes and new things.. which is why usually if i make frens.. it's usually those who i go out n have fun kind.. those whom i can share stuff n feel super comfortable with.. are few and difficult for me to make..

like this group of frens i made.. they're all very fun n nice people.. but only one out of all of them.. whom i think really is super good with me.. poopoo! hees.. we can be like totally crazy sometimes.. or super serious sometimes.. n.. she always make me laugh!! it's so easy to talk to her.. or easier to talk to others even.. when she's around.. n she always laugh at the things i say.. which i think are not funny at all.. hehes.. it's like we have quite some similarities but i think she's a much better person than me.. in all ways.. i'm really really glad that i met her..

it's kind of sad.. cos it's becomes really hard for our lives to intertwine again after the work ends.. and i keep thinking about bad scenarios.. like we moved on with our lives n all the times we spent tgt just became a memory.. there're alot of times i missed alot of things cos i keep pushing back the time i want to do it.. and losing important frens is just a sad feeling.. ok! i promise myself now!! i want to really make the effort to maintain these frenships i'd made!

shall update after my chalet about the real last day.. i must not cry! right now thinking of stuff which i maybe buy for them.. hmmm

-- after chalet --

fighting the emptyness feeling inside me.. it's much milder compared to that time after the chalet with my uni clique.. that time was the worst.. dunno how to describe.. poopoo said it's like after u experienced smth v happy den u'd feel that emptyness.. well.. it'd pass i guess..

oh.. final last day of work.. don't feel like last day at all.. when we leave that time still feeling like normal day gng off from work.. hahas.. den straight went chalet..

chalet was very fun!! maybe cos of the ppl there.. hahas.. played lots of arcade.. think daytona n basketball shooting is fun.. played mahjong.. n is the only one who won other than the mahjong pro uncle.. hahas.. den.. played asshole dai di.. oh.. n blackjack!! won more den a dollar(real money this time!).. hahas.. den got play jenga(smth like uno stacko.. but got write things on the block ask u all to do de).. still have one lame crocodile toy which poopoo brought.. hahas.. v cute n funny.. oh and got play some lame games in the 2nd day.. n captain's ball!! i noe they played some splash water game when i was away.. hahas lucky..

yups.. tues night went find pot, ym, jj n kq.. eat at yuki yaki.. cos ym's bday.. bought a pair of fox's slippers at $6.50 while waiting for jj n ym to come.. v fast!! cos with kq.. the super decisive girl.. went back chalet but no1 noticed i changed slippers.. hahas.. nvm.. the yuki yaki dinner was super fun n nice too!! so happy with them (=

by the time i wan go back chalet.. the bus to downtown east alr no more le.. den v paiseh cos my fren has to come n fetch me with her car.. thanks alot!! hehe but i go back chalet like nv do anyth.. only played heart attack.. which made alot of ppl injured.. hahas.. den only played awhile.. den they talk ghost stories which made me super slpy.. hahas.. den everyone just went to slp le.. i go back to chalet just to slp like that.. hahas..

one thing also.. only take v few pics.. sad.. nvm i noe we gng to meet up.. cos they all say so! hahas.. i'll miss everyone (=

oh ya.. feel v guilty using ah mei's card to book chalet for my own pleasure.. ok next time we need a chalet just for ourselves.. hehs!!! only will be v ex la.. cos think fewer ppl.. but think if only book one night also will be fun... (=

- super tiring but satisfied -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:48 AM

Sunday, July 22, 2007Y
si ben dao yue qiu

120s mv(pls pause blog song to watch it)

it's not a typical mayday song.. initially i don't really like it.. i mean it's nice but seems to be lacking.. that "mayday" kind of feel.. plus i alr have some expectations for this song alr.. but after listening more times.. i think it's really special..

ashin's voice don't really suit this kind of song.. imo la.. but somehow meshed with cheer chen's voice.. become amazingly.. dunno how to describe.. i think this song if he sing it alone will be super weird n not nice.. if cheer sings alone.. will be nice.. but the both combine.. nicest!! hahas..

ok.. now i listen more n more to this song.. i think.. it's "mayday" in a totally different way.. hahas.. dunno how to say also.. i love this song!! sweeeeeet..

wish one day someone would sing with me.. (=

- bring me away from this world.. take me to the moon -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:24 PM

Saturday, July 21, 2007Y
time for a piccies post! (=

at our chalet!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
pot n me! (=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
me, pot n jj..

that's all.. well dunno where is kq n ym.. so no pics for them! (=

at wen yan lou restaurant!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
tian, me(i put my fringe down! XD) and ah mei! (=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
this one is my fringe swept to the side.. hahas.. which one nicer??

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
me n weixin!! she's pretty (=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
tian n me.. i'm acting crazy! hahas.. that extra ugly finger is from ah mei.. bleahs

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
tian n me.. big smiles!! (=

ok.. actually not much to update.. office photos i also dun dare put here.. hahas..

tata.. till next time.. ^^

- slpyins off to watch animes! -

heart blue w/ glitter 11:45 PM

Friday, July 06, 2007Y
timetable registration

yest(5 july) is my subjects registration day.. wad an exciting yet frustrating and annoying and relieved day.. =.= hahas

cos horr.. like 10+ alr come online to wait for my registration time.. 1.30pm.. den ard 12+ logged in to the system.. den hor.. so angry.. like all the subjects left v few vacancies.. yes!! even b4 the registration time!! den hor.. me n my grp of frens cant get any subjects registered at 1st!

i mean i got 6 cores n only one got thru.. wan try other time slots.. by the time i click alr all ZERO vacancies.. we're all stunned.. den my frens some of them really not even one subj registered.. sooooooooo stupid

ended up on msn.. cursing the system.. at the same time.. my fren was on the phone with me lo.. think like 1+ she called me.. den i was like whining.. hahas.. think i scolded kns quite a few times.. v kan jiong mah.. den keep thinking if no have space den no need study alr.. i even emailed the person who sent us the registration guidelines.. den hor.. my fren went to call the sch up.. line's engage.. think many ppl also call? haha

den keep refreshing n waiting for the system to release more slots.. den hor.. ard 3 or 2+ suddenly got this private no. called my hp.. den i dunno is who.. den i picked up.. den the person said: "is this lyy(my full name la)? i'm calling from ntu".. den i was stunned.. it's a woman's voice.. den at 1st i tot is cos of that email i sent to the prof.. den hor.. after the "calling from ntu" den got this long pause.. den i noe.. smth's wrong.. cos the prof i emailed is a guy.. den suddenly long pause must be someone playing prank on me la..

den when the other end finally speak again.. i noe is my fren alr.. from workplace.. she was saying smth then she laughed den i also laughed.. very funny la.. den we both just kept laughing.. hmmmpft.. so bad play prank on me.. i really tot for a moment it's from ntu lehh.. lol.. then she said she call me back again.. cos ppl wants to use the office phone.. so evil hahas

think she called me again b4 3.30pm.. den she said the way i said "hello" sounds v funny.. hahas cos i see private no. den cautious mahh.. i think after she hanged up call.. den the system got smth alr.. more vacancies opened.. den we quickly chiong ah!! hahas.. click click click.. den i was helping ym fren do also.. cos i open mine in firefox n hers in explorer.. luckily i click fast.. den we both registered all my subjects.. most of my frens also la.. except 2.. think they click too slow.. den hor.. got 1 subj they din get.. dunno if can or not.. think need wait till add drop period or they gng email the prof or smth.. hope they get it!!! if not i really gng to hate the sch!! lousy system!! think only my sch got this prob lehh.. stupid..

yeahhs.. after that got a v peaceful feeling.. feel v relieved.. n hor.. i was on the phone with my fren like more than 2hrs.. close to 3hrs i think.. hahas.. hurray for free incoming..

den later in the evening went some ulu place cut my hair.. i asked the person to trim.. but she keep saying my hair is v dry n ask me cut short.. so bad la.. i grew till so xin ku.. dun wan cut short so fast.. wait till next yr bah! hahas..

one day nv work felt like weekends sia.. then this morn(fri 7july).. felt like monday.. quite slack day.. n played sudoku for v long.. today's newspaper's 4star sudoku.. difficult.. hahas.. but i finished!! happy!! ^^

n when i reached home today.. dunno y so slpy.. lie on bed n fell aslp.. slept till 8pm den my sis woke me up.. supposed to reach cousin's hse at 8.30 but i haven have dinner.. so eat alr den go.. hahas.. slightly late.. but dun care la.. dunno y i go also.. hahas

- ok i'm too tired to blog any longer n later pot impatient -

heart blue w/ glitter 10:59 PM

Sunday, July 01, 2007Y

i don't like to see ppl being depressed.. like saying the worst things.. thinking only about the bad stuff.. seemed to be troubled and upset about things which i don't know about..

then i'd think to myself.. actually there're also times when i'm like that.. thinking about depressing stuff.. thinking that life sux.. times like these makes me feel so lonely..

then again.. there are always plenty of times i'd laugh to myself about nothing in particular.. feeling comforted i'm able to do the stuff i like to do.. n that i'm alive n well..

i wonder.. can anyone be forever happy? laugh and smile all the time.. like every single second of your life.. you would not think of all the bad/unlucky things that happened to you.. will not whine about life.. will not complain about the things you cant have.. there's nothing in life which you aren't troubled with..

i believe.. that.. ppl are only happy because they try to be.. no matter how hard life is.. u've got to try.. though it's impossible to be always happy.. but happy times are more worth remembering.. like when you look back through you life.. if you recall more of the happy stuff than sad stuff.. you have alr succeeded.. (=

ok new resolution in my life.. to try to be happy! less complaining and irritableness.. n even though i cant change ppl's perception of their own lives.. it's up to them to discover what life can be for them..

- nope i shant say 'haiis' anymore!! i don't wan to kill another angel.. (= -

heart blue w/ glitter 5:26 PM