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Thursday, June 30, 2005Y
exams are over.. finally..

ok not really over.. cos got spa next tues.. but still.. no need to stay up late to study anymore.. my eyes feel sosososoosoooooooooo tired.. now.. just now.. in sch.. every sec.. headache.. wad am i doing in front of the comp? i shouldn't be here!!! i need to rest.. seriously.. head exploding now.. arghhhhhhhhhhh..

ok.. maybe i too stressed le.. or issit not enuf slp? hais.. so long nv blog le.. how many entries this month? like 3 or less.. haha last day of june le lehs.. too busy.. too lazy.. or is my life too boring? so got nth to write? haha.. all got contribute abit la.. hais.. really headache la.. hais.. painful.. n hors.. i really going going going to fail my this block test le la.. arghhhhhhhhh sososoooooooo horrible..

1st gp paper.. hmmm i cant rmb much.. no impression.. but i think it's horrible all the same.. couldn't do any of the vocab section.. arghhhh.. hate it..
den math.. as usual.. alot of qns dunno how to do la.. if i can pass it'll be a miracle.. -.-
bio paper.. think wasn't as hard as the 1st block test.. n i fin most of the qns.. the prob is.. i was so very unprepared tat i cant rmb much of the things i studied n like half the time i was writing my own ans.. create my own ans like tat.. haha
phy.. quite bad also.. many qns which i dunno also lehs.. lots of blanks blanks.. hais.. i hopeless le la..
den chem.. which is the worse of all!!! arghhhhhhhh.. i dunno how to do most of the qns.. not even 1 got confidence i can get correct.. so depressed.. :(

hais.. it's over le la.. so no point worrying abt it now.. but still i'll be v sad when i receive the results.. i noe cos.. aiya.. noe my own standard wads.. hais.. so boring.. hmmmm tml going out.. haha ym say wanna celebrate end of exams.. lol.. the prob is.. haven decide to go where yet.. must go some place nice.. wahahhaha.. den can relax abit.. lols.. aiyoo... made me think of the last time.. pot said fri going watch inial d den she yest tell me cannot tml.. aiyooooo.. pangseh pangseh pangseh.. haha no la.. i noe is cos kq cant make it la.. den too bad lor.. watching with kq they all on sat.. haha..

talking abt movies.. there's so many movies which i wanna watch!!! hais.. but i'm sososoosooo broke.. since i paid my hp bill le.. hais.. n movie prices so ex! hais.. but like alot of nice movies lehs.. i wanna watch initial d, fantastic 4, war of the worlds n another jap show call wad jie zhe yu dian shuo ai ni.. hmmmm like all v nice.. initial d.. was anime den made into movie.. of cos nice la.. n my sisters all say nice.. fantastic 4 n war of the worlds watch on tv mobile trailer.. like nice also lehs.. den the jap show.. got 4 stars from critics.. like a super nice love story.. hais..

aiya.. inuyasha start alr.. still got many things to write.. will cont tml..

-my life is pathetic.. super uninteresting.. how i wish i live in the world of fantasy-

heart blue w/ glitter 10:00 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2005Y

aiya.. no idea y blogger is in chi lehs.. tried switching it to eng but to no avail.. hmmm long time no blog.. n now dunno y my chatterbox dun work anymore.. -.- sians.. too lazy to go make le la..

hais i die le la.. still haven do anyth.. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hate being lazy.. but.. arghhhhhhhhhhhhh i still din do aa thing!!! :(

sians.. dunno wad to write.. arghhhhhhhhh

-u stripped away my only joy in life-

heart blue w/ glitter 9:29 PM